Conspiracy Theories In A Digital Age – A danger to your mental health.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I have noticed that many people should be careful and mindful when looking through social media such as You Tube or other resources on the net that you don’t get pulled into “conspiracy theories” a.k.a. fake news.

You can spot fake news and conspiracy theories because they usually have emotional content that creates stress that you have no power over to change. There is often a sense of urgency which “ups” the stress levels, which then puts you in a fight flight situation, logic goes out the left ear, and you react rather than empower.

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real event or an imagined one but your body reacts the same, high cortisol, stress hormones, adrenaline, fight flight.

The stress of conspiracy theories triggers weaker or lower immune systems, ill health and high mental anxiety which can lead to even more higher levels of anxiety where other mental issues can and usually develop. People can and do become quite paranoid.

What you focus on fills your mind, like a lens onto microscopic writing on piece of paper it makes that writing appear big – when it’s not. The mind is selective, and what you focus upon – you gravitate towards, that is why I suggest – mindfulness meditation and being in charge of your thoughts, rather than your thoughts being in charge of you.

Conspiracy theories on the net are damaging, fake news on the net is damaging, it can lead to mental stress, obsession and the possibility of developing neurosis and or psychosis.

Owning your own power, and asking the question who benefits from this? Such places as “you tube” for example, the amount of views they get equals the amount of money they make. Is the conspirators theorist selling books or seminars. The old expression is this: If you want to know the truth of anything follow the money. Who benefits?

With fake news, apart from destroying people, events or other, to name a few is designed to influence voting habits and opinion, an example being what was seen on the news with Cambridge Analytica which influenced the USA elections and Brexit.

The real agenda is grooming, and conditioning your behavior and opinions for a specific outcome, we see this in advertising. The dark side is now found in conspiracy theories and fake news, Or even connecting with social media “influencers”. Such places as Facebook, You Tube, and or any social media app – micro influence takes place to some extent or another.

When you fall into the trap of conspiracies theories you feel compelled to tell everybody; to somehow alleviate the stress, like a cult they need to find community and build membership. i.e. like-minded people. It is the downside of not having any power to change anything that is outside of their personal arena.

Examples of: Alien invasions, political agendas, psychological agendas, news agendas, sexuality agendas… racial agendas. It goes on and on and on, – there is a conspiracy theory usually about everything.

They hook you with curiosity, or fear, or injustice, or simply to create an emotional response so you stop thinking. My Hypnotherapy “Strengthen Your Mind Power” Is a tool that my hypnotherapy services can offer you.

There is always an agenda. Example: Web hackers that use all sorts of processes to try to gain access to your computer, with such alerts that your computer is infected, when in fact it is not. Your fear reaction is to press the button to solve the problem only to install spyware. The same thing goes for telephone scammer claiming to be an authority who then asked for money and your bank account details, simple do not respond, hang up and do not engage. For computers install antivirus software that protects you.

However, no such software can protect you from conspiracy theories and fake news, your hardware is your brain, and your software is your mind.

My hypnotherapy and my life coaching comes into its own helping you to build self esteem and life skill habits. With skill sets such as meditation, stress management, and guidance, can add great value to your mental health and stability. An objective approach can help you see things in their true perspective about those experiences that you cannot do anything to change.

The techniques for staying clear in your mind and learning the skill of objective thinking, to stop you falling into the quicksand of conspiracy theories, fake news and the like, is an approach that my hypnotherapy and coaching skills can give you.

In Summary:

Conspiracies are presented as fact where the other part of the term, theory is lost in the mix. A theory is something that has yet to be proven through checks and balances and due process. Conspiracy theories don’t empower you they incapacitate you

Conspiracy propaganda’s have hidden agendas for a purpose unknown to you. Fake news is part of conspiracy propaganda that we see worldwide for political or financial gain.

Conspiracy fake news and hidden agendas, are there to manipulate you emotionally, And you can spot a conspiracy theory because it creates a situation that get you emotional which you have no power to change. It is outside of your control.

Conspiracies erode your personal power and incapacitates you. They are born out of lies, rumors, hidden agendas, and have the ability to manipulate you emotionally and incapacitate you on every level.


Don’t bother with conspiracy theories you find on social media platforms. Ask questions; who benefits from the conspiracy theory. Is a manipulation? What is the agenda? Finally, conspiracy theories have nothing to do with you or your ability to change anything.

Positive Action:

If you feel the need to create a change go and join reputable organizations that bring awareness and action against wrongdoing. Organizations that support people, and want to look after the planet. Organizations where you can make a difference, community based or international, and above all where you feel self empowered.


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Meditation why do it?

Before we talk about meditation, we have to look at our lives in perspective. What our grandparents had to process brain wise in one year, we now have to process in one day. So there is continuous mental overload, and a sense of being in a pressure cooker which is becoming a new natural “norm”.

I kinda hate the word normal, because it is misused by media and governments as a way of grooming the public into thinking that all the stress and all your critical life changes are normal, when nothing could be further from the case.

Ecological background stress

Our weather is in climatic disaster mode and will get worse Work and the ability to pay off our mortgage or pay rent, let alone buyin food now becomes gets harder and harder due to climate induced disasters.

Finding work, while there is an ever increasing process to reduce services and support systems that cannot meet the needs of those looking for employment.

The threat of terrorism. War and economic financial meltdowns.

Personal Stress

The stress of immediate social networks only increasing the pressure for us to respond immediately to our environment and our friends without even taking time out to think and reflect. Many things are said on social networks where people later regret posting, once you click that button you can’t retrieve it.

The relentless sea of an ever increasing load that we had to process does not allow time for any real decompression, to think outside the box, to regenerate, and to stay mentally healthy. Evolution of the human race has not kept up with our technological evolution which has outstripped our ability to cope with all the modern pressures we have in the world today.


So meditation is not wrapping one leg around one neck like the yogi,s do, nor do you have to join an Zen monk monastery to decompress, to get perspective, to rebuild. Meditation is a gentle process of relaxation, and learning mind techniques and skills that will strengthen your ability in these ever-changing times.

So what went wrong with our society: I call it the embedded and ingrained attitude of: The stiff upper lip, cope with it, toughen up attitude, which strictly belongs pre-World War I. Such attitudes are destructive, leads to mental illness and incapacitates the self. Such attitudes have no place in the modern world we see today.

We only become aware of its destructiveness when we have an emotional collapse, nervous breakdown, become stuck in anxiety and/or depression, and can’t cope with the little things or the big things anymore. And only then do we seem to take action which is a lot harder to rectify than maintaining proper mindset of strength and personal power.

Why not join a meditation class today (and via personal training via skype or similar) learn new skills (you can do it) and empower your life, You gain beneficial results in a far quicker time than you would normally imagine.

Why with me?

As a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist with training in counseling, breath therapies, humanistic psychotherapy, just to name a few. I am qualified to assist you in the meditative process. ( sometimes when we begin meditation, deb re arises from our unconscious mind for healing. and that is why seeing a mind specialist as myself puts you in safe hands to deal with such issues should they arise.

Start now

Yes you can start straight away. You will be surprised at how effective and healing the whole process is. Contact me now for more information and I look forward to bringing the best of you forward.


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Stopping the re-emergence of negative patterns and experience


There are fixed moments in time, that molds you as a person, and defines your purpose in life. Such defining moments, are what we call anchor points to the past, be it the loss of a parent, an abusive person, social economical situations, war et cetera. All of which molds your life’s experience, and molds your thinking.

Anchor points to the past.

You can imagine a boat docked at a jetty, anchored securely. Yet if you were to accelerate that boat, full speed ahead, the engine roaring, the boat would expel a lot of energy but goes nowhere! Eventually the boat will run out of petrol. Such an analogy can be used with people, when you’re stuck at a past event, (moored to the dock) expending a lot of energy (but going nowhere) running out of energy (leading to depression, or loss of personal power).

It’s only when you get stuck at an anchor point in the past, that stops you moving forward. That stops you integrating experience which will lead you to being a better person and a lot wiser. Experience should eventually lead to wisdom. When an anchor point is stuck, it can lead to anger, resentment, inertia, bitterness and framing the world as a negative bad place.

A Clients Journey

I had a client who was fearful of authority, would collapse and suffer, would never speak up in fear retribution, it so happened that when my client started school, he had a mean and horrible abusive teacher for the school year, (the teacher was eventually is removed and sacked), yet that event at six years of age became a defining anchor point on which he defined all his life, and the survival mechanism was simply to play dead.

The client had a really bad teacher, but also then a year later had a really good teacher, who was kind gentle. My client eventually in life became a teacher and had modeled himself on the really good teacher. Yet collapsed internally were it came to authority. An inward sign of post-traumatic stress from childhood carried into adulthood and mapped onto his entire life.

After hypnotherapy using techniques such as Hypnotherapy metaphors, NLP and Gestalt, the client finally reached a state of resolution . And could reflect on how that defining moment shaped not only how that person viewed the world, but what direction that person would take in life.


I bet you know many people, who are stuck on one point in their life in their past, where the person takes a horrible event, and that event controls and colors their entire life in a negative way. Simply because they can’t let go, and like any wound it festers, and they eventually live in a state of pure toxicity, no friends, unable to trust, a shadow of their former self. Showing more dead-ness than aliveness in their lives.

So after all therapy is said and done, when you know deep down when something is complete, when it no longer has power over you, and is placed in the realm of forgetfulness a place we call peace. Such is the power of hypnotherapy, and the techniques I use to help you move forward and live your life more fully.

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Stage Hypnotism Vrs Hypnotherapy

The difference between stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

First, you have to understand the hypnotic state; it is not being asleep, or being unaware or unconscious. Hypnosis is a natural state you go into and out of all the time. An example being that we have all experienced driving without paying attention to where we are, tuning out when someone is talking, or tuning in when talking to someone in a crowd. Being engrossed in a movie and being unaware of the time that has flown by.

Hypnotherapy is where a therapist takes you through to healing states and can access and communicate with your deeper mind, you are not under the hypnotherapists control, per se, but are gently guided to and communicated with, where you implement the outcomes that you want to achieve.

Stage hypnotism is completely different, we do not make anyone look stupid or do silly things for entertainment. Professional hypnotherapists are trained in modalities of counseling, psychotherapy, NLP, communication skills and a raft of others too long to mention here. please see my website,

Looking forward to helping you and answering your inquiries.

Many thanks

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Understanding the human zoo and learning how to master it

The biggest emotional driver of humanity would have to be “curiosity”. You see this in action every day, especially in advertising. Also, if you search the web. The taglines are designed to make you look, to make you follow through. Such as “you should see what this lady did in the stairwell” now such a statement triggers curiosity, and then you click on the YouTube clip or the article, and before you know it two hours of gone by and you’ve wasted a lot of time.

The other big emotional driver is to have or get things instantly.

We live in a world where we want instant communication, instant action, instant direction, and people haveing to get back to you is now annoying and creates an anxiety.

The mind can’t stand not knowing.

If I said to you “there’s something really important I need to tell you, but I’ll tell you tomorrow” sent in a text or phone message, how anxious would you become. The mind does not like a blank, it tries to fill in the pieces. You start to think what could it be what could they want how important is it?… Depending on the inflection of the message, narcissists do this all the time. And also people who live in drama land.

Those are live in drama land are quite different, they always ring you with a crisis wanting you to come up with an instant solution. The stress in them implies that there crisis’s immediate and in some cases life-threatening.

We live in a world of manipulation.

The best definition I heard of manipulation is, “manipulation is influence without consent.” Putting the cart in front of the horse, an example being: someone says to “you can you help me, I need to know where the airport is, as I’m feeling really stuck in what direction it is and need to catch my flight and I am already running late”, (crisis). So you give directions on how to get there swiftly and accurately, they look confused and then say “can you drive me.” So a little event turns into a huge event with manipulators, and they make you feel responsible for everything that’s going on in their lives.Also making you feel responsible. It is a huge sign that you are being manipulated.

Diplomacy is a nice word for lying.

Diplomancy, where you learn to trust no one. Those people that are nice to your face and say terrible things behind your back. Its cousin is small minded gossip.

The ramifications of instant media.

Causes problems in people where they post online or post something which they immediately regret. And since most of your bosses will look at your social media footprint, it can sometimes lead you into being fired, or not suitable to hold the role that you have.


People may suffer a myriad of psychological conditions, such as depression and anxiety. Also there are the psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, et cetera and you wonder why anyone really survives any of this.

Self Mastery.

If you look your earliest life’s experience training ground – either your parents, society, social media, advertising, television (especially soap operas, which teach you disregard for ethics, people and morality), and you then take into account the news, and the negativity of the world, no wonder people are unhappy, depressed, miserable and anxious. And this becomes a foundational background stress everyone experiences.

Negativity of the world.

So once you realise we live in a sea of negativity, a deluge of how to get your life wrong, then being measurable is a consequence of living in drama land. However, it’s easy to disengage from it, and I don’t mean that you go live in a cave somewhere on an island retreat. But learning how to navigate through this sea of negativity and come through it somewhat unscathed, without being too damaged is a skill worth having.

Retrain your brain Jedi style.

We retrain your brain with hypnotherapy, and give you skills to emotionally handle the world around you; the world which acts more like an erupting volcano, rather than a calm peaceful ocean.


Most people spend more money on their cars (and what the neighbours think), than spend time on strengthening their most valuable asset – their minds. We know the brain is neuro plastic and what that means is simply that you never stop learning, you adapt and evolve.

Retraining focus.

We know that what you focus upon, fills your consciousness, and when something fills your mind it dominates, rewires and strengthens that part of the brain that is attached to fight and flight. If you look for disasters you’ll find them everywhere, if you look for peace and tranquility you’ll find that too – everywhere.

Anxiety as the norm.

Most people live in a highly anxious state which is now become the normal for most, and most don’t realise or recognise this anxious stated all. It is only when they relax, really relax via hypnosis that they discover how anxious that really been. And fight flight anxiety can lead to a lot of health problems, and when anxiety runs out of energy, it falls into depression. Especially when you see news events or dramas from others, or in social media that you have no power over and cannot change.

The retraining program that I utilize.

Learning to shift gears with the mind, and learning to navigate is something you have to learn. We retrain your brain via hypnosis, as well as giving you vital skills in navigating all of this, which is essential for health, wellness and living a balanced happy life.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Then let’s start your training today, you can learn one-on-one, or via Skype or similar. Personal training can be done in class or privately. Discover how easy it is to master your life, create personal power and love and empower what you do.

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My Very Own Podcast

I created my very own podcast at a pod cast is a very good way to know about your hypnotherapist (me), and to get an understanding on interesting topics that I will present from time to time.

On my podcast you will find a Deep Relaxation Affirmations. A relaxing hypnotic meditation that you play at night just before sleep. Never while driving a car or operating machinery because it is relaxing meditative and hypnotic. There is also a five-part series on affirmations and how to master them.

The story of Deep Relaxation Affirmations is very interesting.  It is designed to be played as you drift off to sleep, this allows your deeper mind to integrate and work upon the results you want…. naturally.

Can you believe that originally it was on an audiotape! I had a radio show where I would give away this freely on cassette’s to people who are stressed or full of anxiety. It was only recently rerecorded in high-quality digital format. And made into MP3. The original audio tape recording was too old to transfer or fix – which is a good thing for you as this recording will always remain free to everyone.

Later on, I found my way on many radio stations, as well is television and print media. And although this was good, I really just wanted to connect with people and help them. That is my primary objective today.

The gentle music, water and bird sounds were recorded in nature and not in a studio, thus adding to the relaxation response.  Recorded at Wentworth falls NSW Australia, in the grandeur of the Blue Mountains. With some music it sounds absolutely wonderful and acts as a backing music track to all my relaxation recordings.  Many people have attested to it changing their lives in positive ways without being intrusive.

In my life I’ve also had the privilege of working with celebrities, highly professional people, but more importantly my focus has always been on the everyday person.

So please have a listen to the pod cast and enjoy.

My professional services as a hypnotherapy is available to you either in person or via Skype or similar, and I certainly look forward to helping you in your quest for well-being.

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Brain Tune-Ups

A long time ago it was once thought that when we reached adulthood, around the age of 18 to 20, that the brain was fully formed and that was it, what you had is what you are stuck with. No-one ever thought that the brain is what they call – neuro plastic. What this actually means by the work “plastic” is much like Plasticine, being flexible, rewiring of the neurons, the ability to create new pathways, and is in a constant state of learning adapting and evolving.

When you consider that if the brain was set by the time you are 20, then it really couldn’t learn anything new or adapt to the evolution of society i.e. the Internet mobile phones and technology etc . Now apart from the fact that what your grandparents had to brain process in one year, we now have to do that same brain processing in one day, so we are hit with overload. We get stressed, and the problem lies in the fact that we do not recognize those ever increasing stress levels. IE, high stress becomes the new norm. Energetically speaking, high stress can collapse into depression.

Yet, because stress is uniquely subjective, we do not know or fail to recognize an overloading of stress,until something breaks, and by that time a lot of work needs to be done in healing the mind, and the brain.

In fact, most will spend more and their cars, more on exercise, more on their loved ones, yet fail to look after their own minds ability to process, and this is a signal that the brain is in overload. Such statements as “I can’t cope”, or “I can’t deal with that now” . Those that are in emotional overload. Those that continually procrastinate, those that leave the known world and only play computer games, smoke or gamble, and those that do drugs. Or try other coping mechanisms.

So everyone’s brain needs a tune-up, and I really mean a tune-up. Keeps you running well, keeps the mind healthy, allows you to adapt to the ever changing landscape of overwhelming information. Most people go to yoga, some do weights, others cope in different ways. So think of a hypnosis session, as time out, a time to retrain the brain. Keeps you mentally healthy.

We see a hypno workout at its most valuable with study memory and recall, or where people get stressed at exams. We see this with the release of habits that are bad for you, or simply to pull you out of a stagnant or stuck state, or simply just to allow your brain to reboot and be as sharp as a tack, healthy in mind, action and outlook. When this happens, you have a lot of energy and new outlook on life. You feel refreshed.

Once upon a time when you only had to process a very small amount brain wise, a good night sleep was sufficient, but that doesn’t hold true anymore.

Regardless of how you handle stress, or how you manage stress. Notice these terms No one ever says to let go of stress or to retrain your brain in a different way, so stress does not become part of you.

Think of those martial artists, they are super trained to move but they think in a different way. They are trained in mind which flows into body. Most of their moves a reflex action without even thinking. They become a master of their environment, and I want you to become a master of your environment. To see you having a happy fulfilled life.

So I suggest you book a tune-up today, and get your brain refreshed and renewed and working for you in the way it was intended to be, and in a way that you want.

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Pain Management

I was presenting a workshop on pain management for The Australian Society of clinical hypnotherapists, i.e. for other hypnotherapists to advance their skills on treating pain. Let Hypnosis be your key to managing pain – read on.

It is interesting to note: that before analgesics and painkillers came into play – pharmaceutically, hypnosis was the method of choice for controlling pain.

In fact, the earliest documents historically point to the value of hypnosis in the reduction of pain, and used in the elimination of pain altogether, were it came to war injuries and the need for doctors operate in the field.

Today when people think of pain management, they think of pain killer tablets from the chemist, or under a prescription from a doctor, and even painkillers that are under prescription are being less and less recommended due to their opioid content.

So, we now see a surge back into hypnosis, for not only controlling pain, but for protecting the liver from the damage that most painkillers can induce over time. There is nothing wrong with pain killers, only their extended continuous use that causes secondary problems for the body.

Dr Moskowitz  Author of Neuroplastic Transformation – Your Brain On Pain states that:

“Neuroplastic Transformation – In chronic pain: 16 places in your brain activate, ‘fire’ or ‘light up’ when pain signals are received by the brain. 9 of these places are in the conscious part of your brain, the Cerebral Cortex. In these 9 places only around 5% of the nerve cells are normally assigned the job of processing pain, but in chronic pain this can expand to 15-25% of the cells. Pain effectively hijacks valuable brain territory, stealing these brain cells from other important functions. The brain ‘learns’ pain, and we need to teach it to ‘unlearn’ pain’. “

There are different types of pain such as:

NOCICEPTIVE PAIN – Tissue Body damage. Examples include: Sprains  Bone fractures  Burns Bumps Bruises Obstructions Inflammation (from an infection or arthritic disorder)  Myofascial Pain(which may indicate abnormal muscle stresses). … The pain is typically well localized, constant, and often with an aching or throbbing quality.

INFLAMATORY PAIN  Inflammatory response. Examples are: Rheumatoid arthritis Bruises Broken bones Pulled muscles (with swelling, redness and later purple or yellowing of the skin).

NEUROPATHIC PAIN – Nerve damage.  Examples include: Post herpetic (or post-shingles) Neuralgia Reflex sympathetic – dystrophy / causalgia (nerve trauma) Components of cancer pain Phantom limb pain Entrapment neuropathy   (e.g., carpal tunnel syndrome), Peripheral neuropathy (widespread nerve damage).

ALLOPLASTIC PAIN  – Emotional response.   A reaction to feelings of stress, worry and being under threat or attack. Whole-organism responds to threat or stress. I.e. The Mind.

COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME (CRPS) also called Reflex sympathetic dystrophy Psychosomatic pain Memory Pain Reactive – protective pain Complex regional pain is characterised by pain that is greater than would be expected from the injury that causes it.

The Mind Is Your key.  By creating a Hypno-Neuro Plastic Response to pain management, alleviation, and control with Hypnosis.

Pain is a survival mechanism whose purpose is to protect the body and alerts the immune system. A signal that something needs to be addressed, so after you’ve seen the doctor, got a diagnosis, or in recovery. Let hypnosis be your secret key to managing your pain more effectively, and to also accelerate the bodies healing potential.

Pain can only be processed in the brain as a nerve signal and under Hypnosis we can numb and dull that signal.  

Pain deepens pain (neuro rewiring). Pain can be triggered by physical, psychological, emotional and environmental conditions. The brain can reduce its sensitivity to pain. Pain can also be produced by memories.

All of which hypnosis can help you manage. But hypnosis does more than that, it trains the brain to respond and act in a different way to pain signals. And with hypnosis we can strengthen your skills to manage pain, were in some cases it no longer bothers you at all.

You do not have to suffer your suffering. Let my hypnotherapy pain management help you manage pain and retrain your brain. Why wait, book a session today.

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