Big Brother – Social Media and Cyberspace  

The one thing that should connect us all, social media, is the one thing that causes a lot of mental anguish and discord. As Big Brother slowly and methodically encapsulates our life like a snake strangling its prey ever so slowly, or like quicksand that slowly sucks you in.

You have to master social media apps in a way that works for you, rather than you being a slave to them and other peoples opinion.

An example of this is Facebook: It wants you to connect to everybody that you know, all the contacts in your emails, phone, etc, even people you don’t want to ever see again or connect with.  But Facebook is reminding you that you should connect to everybody and everyone. Like a spider in a spider’s web once you are snared it’s hard to get out. If you don’t connect with friends, then Facebook reminds you every single moment that you should. LinkedIn and Twitter are just as pushy. Let’s take apps for an example, when you download an app from Google play, you have to give permission to access your photos your friends your emails your contacts, your computer, well everything connected in Cyberspace. It’s not like you can opt out if you want that app.

Now I see this or is a huge invasion of privacy, and a huge whittling away of your rights. The internet to my knowledge, does not self monitor in a way that simply protects you from personal Cyber information gathering, Cyber Bullying or Sales Marketing.

In fact you only have the right to accept all the conditions of apps and social media portals and that adds to all your personal information being on-line, thus building a personal profile that may effect employment thus adding pressure – increasing your personal stress.  What you place On line – Stays on line – Forever.

The Internet is great for marketing from corporations, as they can build a profile on you and target you with advertising.  The downside of this lack of foresight is that the internet pushes every boundary and this gives governments the excuse to restrict,  or close down, or monitor cyberspace as best that they can.  The Internet should serve you (information, education and news) not you serving it. Remember it is not your personal diary.

Life is hectic, it’s easy to send an email, or connect with Facebook for that birthday wish rather than a card, meet-up or call,  but in the end our social structures suffer, and I believe our mental health suffers. No longer do we get together with friends, we connect electronically. No longer do we meet at the coffee shop, we have pretend coffee over the Internet.

Then there’s the cursed ads, just do a Google search for something, and you see endless ads for that product you’re looking for come up in every other app that you have including Facebook.

Is there a solution?  Yes. A simple one, you can text, phone your friends and arrange an actual meet up if possible, and I highly suggest you quit or completely minimize your social media activity. Clear your cookies on your computer, this will reduce the focused product ads that you originally searched fro popping up. Actually go out and socialize, meet people and your friends. Enjoy life. It’s the human thing to do.

If you are super stressed or super conditioned or a slave to social media, with social media  being your life, then by all means arrange some hypnotherapy (Skype or in person where applicable), simply to get you back on track – bringing a balance back between the real world and your exploration of Cyberspace.

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Getting in touch with your super self

You will often hear the phrase “trust your intuition”. Yes we all have intuition, an emotional field that’s extraordinarily similar to radar were it senses ahead for danger, or those places and situations that are safe. I feel it is a carryover from primitive times when language was limited and the tribe had to sense a good place to tread, or a bad place to avoid. No one really wanted to be lunch for the saber tooth tiger! In our modern world language reigns supreme and intuition has dwindled to almost a non-existent place. Yet intuition, or that inner connection with your super self is what most extremely wealthy and successful people point to, that made them very successful and rich.

We often think that a university degree will automatically lead to success, however recent statistics point to that not necessarily being the case for everyone. Most universities are big business and degrees stretching over 4 to 6 years is a huge chunk in any person’s life with a huge debt as well. Also be mindful that a mortgage of today will often take an entire lifetime to pay off. Especially when medium house prices are around the $900,000 mark in the big cities in Australia. Take into account interest rates and you realize you’re a debt slave forever.

Often people think that to reach success, fulfillment or financial freedom that being entrepreneurial is the key! The latest greatest idea will lead to success.  Or the Internet! There are many entrepreneurs that have fallen on their sword. Many play the stock market have also fallen by the wayside. And now the kingpin is bitcoin. Yet here also, danger may lie in wait.

So how does one navigate whether 9-to-5 job is best, or a degree is best, or being entrepreneurial is best, Or being in the service industry is best, or being an apprentice is best. You get the point…..  What is the right path for you?

It’s easy to spot the leopard in the field. It is way harder to navigate the human zoo. This is where intuition comes into play. Those people who develop high intuition are the most flexible in any fixed system. They’re not stubborn or stuck, they are innovative focused and determined to follow through. There is a big difference between stubborn and focus, and being flexible within any system is one of the keys to success. Before I talk about intuition;

I want to share a metaphor.

In the gold rush days people would go out of pans picks and shovels hoping to strike it rich. Many did not. It was simply a hit or miss thing. Mining life was hard and treacherous. Yet those who became rich were those that sold the pans picks and shovels. The miners had the dream of striking it rich. The suppliers of pans picks and shovels recognised an opportunity.

Now here is where intuition comes into play, trusting your feelings on the job interview, that idea that you have, the feeling of how you would like to service humanity with your skill set, all takes observation, training, dedication and follow-through. Most people link career with how they personally feel and this is a big mistake. I’ve met many people with low self-esteem making money hand over fist. I’ve met many dreamers that sit in the lounge room playing video games and achieving nothing and visa versa.

Recognizing what is working and what the trends are as essential. Taking the emotional risk, a leap of faith and trust. New age people simply think they can manifest with the law of attraction having to do no work at all….. No short cuts to wealth. Yet, trusting your intuition can allow you to be in the right place at the right time.  But more than that, it allows you to become the master of your life.

Being flexible and allowing yourself to add value to what you do is essential. “When you deal with people go the extra mile”, is often the saying. If you’re in a job you hate you’re in the wrong job, or possibly in that job for the wrong reasons. Not only does your life have to add value to you, it has to add value to other people.

Intuition and the connection to intuition puts you in  the flow, being in the right place at the right time take some brain training, but not the brain training that you think. The brain training I’m talking about is that of lowering your brain waves from normal consciousness down into alpha or theta states with specific exercises and purpose  with follow through. Hypnotherapy is excellent at fast track you into those states. With the added value that I can preset your subconscious mind to achieving the goals that you want to build and explore.  But more importantly, to enhance your intuition. To enhance your focus, to enhance your ability to observe and to take advantage of opportunities that will put you ahead or in a good place in life.

Are you creative? flexible or are you stuck in a cycle, a soap opera, TV, or family drama conditioned by television that is taking all your energy and limiting your life. Do you live in fantasy-land. Intuition allows you to move into the right place at the right time and take advantage of opportunities. Remember life is never meant to be fair. If it was fair that there would be no struggling people in the world, no wars, no famine, no systems by governments that restrict, destroying all limit people getting ahead in life. Understanding that life is not fair is a sobering thought. Knowing that it is only you that can push yourself into being flexible, activating your intuition, and activating what drives you with the help of hypnotherapy. Without hypnotherapy many people fall over and simply give up on their dreams.

My hypnotherapy process is personally and specifically designed to you, simply because you are an individual even though you’re part of a collective. Let me help you achieve. Understand that people have two powers, will power, and won’t power. How you’re won’t power today, I bet it’s strong. Being of service to others as a start but is not the whole picture, as you get in touch with you, your drives, your personality, your environment. This helps me help you to break free of the gravity or better still the molasses that you’re stuck in.

Hypnotherapy can be arranged by Skype or in person. Today, now and be the start of a wonderful adventure. To connect with me simply email and your journey starts thank you.

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Generating A Prosperity Consciousness

According to a search on google: Prosperity means: “wealth, success, profitability, plenty, welfare, comfort, security, well-being, successfulness”.

I believe prosperity is more than that. Prosperity is a way of being, thinking and behaving. It is all about improving yourself on all levels and a continuum of learning. This involves building and maintaining your personal ethics and your code of conduct.

Let’s look at those three keys more closely.

1:  Being: Focuses on mindfulness. How do my actions affect others? It brings into play spiritual growth and improving inner balance and emotional well-being. Also how you appear and express to yourself and others. (Dress, style, cleanliness etc.)

2:  Thinking: Focuses on inner thoughts and also communication to those around you, improving your word vocabulary, focusing on being a better version of yourself and refraining from gutter talk, gossip, swearing and damaging and rude behavior that demeans you. Keep your word and keep your private life private, if there is not a good thing to say about someone else, then say nothing. Focus on what works rather than complaining about what doesn’t.

3:  Behaving: Developing a style and class that is real and second nature. Honesty at all times.   An example: We grew up in an average working class home, but my mother would always go to work dressing in her best and looking a million dollars. She commanded respect simply by looking her best without overdoing it or bragging to others. Nor did she judge anyone else’s circumstances treating everyone equally and with respect.

As you raise your game, you build a natural prosperity consciousness. My aunt Zelma lived on a rural property, she had little money but her house was simple, yet beautiful. Clean, open and inviting. A wood stove, often in use with plenty of wonderful home cooking. She was prosperous.

Prosperity is not about just money or greed. I know a lot of rich people who are not prosperous. A lot of people who are debt rich, yet not prosperous. Money is only a small part of building a prosperity consciousness. Nurture your body, mind and spirit yet remaining humble open and happy.

Affirmations are often expounded upon by new age gurus, but not fully understood, saying just an affirmation will not bring you prosperity (see my article  on Affirmations here in my blog).

Above all, take your time, raise your energy and be true to yourself. My prosperity Hypnotherapy program can help you build a prosperity consciousness getting you on your way to being successful and having a happy life. Understand that a prosperity consciousness encompasses a way of life full of ethics, common sense, observation and wise action.


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Social Media: A Refuge for teaching Narcissism

Trying to find humor and funny jokes is certainly a task, and not to be daunted by the prospect, I searched You Tube and  Social Media.  The thing is this. There are a lot of nasty dysfunctional clips on social media, although given a slightly less Narcissistic name such as for example; Pranks gone wrong, funniest home videos, funny disasters, you get the point; people will laugh at absolute gut wrenching tragedies if you put a funny musical clip, or laughter track to such events.

Curiosity is a major human emotional driver and such titles as; She did what? Judges gobsmacked at what they saw, draws you in by your own curiosity to have a look.

Some comedians (Stand-up comics) who are NOT funny, resorting  to demoralizing attacks and swearing  profusely to just get a laugh.  Some aspect of social media can present a dark side of mind manipulation and exercise soft negative influences. The outcome being that it desensitizes you, while manipulating your views, and in a subtle way bumbs down your thinking and social objective skills.

In America a young 17 year old, is convicted and found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for encouraging her 18 years old possibly unstable boyfriend, to end his life via text message.  Social media has consequences (she could get 20 years jail time).  Social media can never be your friend, can never be your personal diary, and we have all seen the effect of fake news. 

Even the established media channels are guilty of  whipping up emotional antagonism and influencing and swaying public opinions. Main stream media is not off the hook either with reality TV shows that portray a dog eat dog world and show the worst of human nature, and encourages it and thus teaching this behavior to those viewing it;  where people compete, lie, steal, manipulate, cheat on, and crush opponents without consequence to win.  This sits in the back of your subconscious mind and influences your behavior.

Many people do not have the skills to filter out and think for themselves, usually parroting negative generalizations such as; all homeless people want to stay homeless and are drug addicts. All in all, it generates fear (False Evidence Appearing Real). It creates a social divisions, an us versus them attitude and bias.

So what can you do to combat the deluge of social manipulation.

An example could be to look up  the works of prof Noam Chomsky  for some refreshing objectivity and thinking on social events.  Watch Ted Talks to self-educate on the latest research, and heroic journeys of uplifting inspiring people. Watch documentaries.

Knowledge and Education feeds the mind . It builds awareness and allows you to make better healthier and wiser choices in life. Exercising your mind also builds strength and character.

Hypnotherapy can help you mentally detox from unconscious social media conditioning and resets the mind towards generating a healthier happy you.  Brings you back to balance. Peace always.

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How to be the best version of yourself

We never really see ourselves objectively, (viewed from the outside). We can only ever see ourselves subjectively, (viewed from inside).  As such, we can only ever monitor our impact on our environment by the feedback we get from the environment we are in.  That feedback can never really be neutral as it is filtered by generalization, deletion, and distortion. (The three universals of human modelling that effects perception, feedback and learning).

So how can we become the best version of ourselves?  Surprisingly in a very simple way. A way that was worked out aeons ago. This process has been adapted over time, but the core essentials remain the same.

  • Adopt a personal code of ethics and behavior
  • Be mindful of your action upon others and upon yourself
  • Respect

Seems simple enough. However, you also need a mindful discipline to achieve this in your life. Let’s look at this deeper.

Adopt a personal code of ethics and behavior. A code of ethics is essential to strengthening your inner core values. It strengthens your morality. Doing what is right.

Mindfulness is essential to checking your behavior and thinking “outside” of yourself. Mindfulness decreases personal bias and judgement of others. Mindfulness also develops an inner peace and flow from within. Mindfulness allows you to contemplate your actions and what effects those actions will imprint on those around you.

Respect is fundamental to right action. There are countless examples of this. One example is when someone does something really stupid most people will call that person stupid. “you are a stupid idiot” This devalues and harms the persons core, is passive aggressive in action and  labels a person stupid. Respect in this case would be, “I see what you did was stupid we all learn from our mistakes and let’s look at how we can move forward from this”  Separating from the “what you did” from the “you are” shows basic respect.  Respect does not mean invalidating yourself to make someone else happy.

The six keys to a happy peaceful powerful life are. Honor – dedication and discipline connected to love – compassion and understanding.  This can take a lifetime to master, however it is well worth doing as you become  the best version of yourself. Always an ongoing process that leads to wisdom.

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve this in a non-bias way, simply by realigning your focus and strengthening your inner core.  I have developed a special process for this and it is in my opinion, well worth the journey.

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The danger of social news and media reporting

A young girl, live streams her suicide on the WWW. This tragic horrific event had a double edge: The focus of the news reporting her death, and then reporting that the live stream was available on the web and the authorities were powerless to have her suicide footage removed.

The problem we now face is that young minds may search out, share or stumble upon the tragic footage or similar, with their parents unaware of them viewing such distressing content. So the only thing you can do is educate and talk to your teenagers when such events are reported in the main stream news. Education and counseling is essential especially when such news events are widely available on all aspects of media.   Your children may have more awareness of these events that you realize.

The problem:

Our young see the WWW as their personal space, use it as their personal diaries, even though they are on-line to the world, and especially at times, when they are rebelling, or have huge angst against the world, a person, or events, or simply no one to talk to.  The world is always expressed at its worse by the news.

A possible solution:

Teaching our young to develop skills such as:

  • Meditation and ego strengthening,
  • Positive focus
  • Compassion for others and understanding
  • Ethics and mindfulness

All essential to building a healthy mind.  But more importantly, to build resilience to the onslaught of such a negative world expressed in the Media.  Meditation and counseling  should be implemented as a strengthening tool rather than some afterthought once the damage is done.

The teaching of: Mediation and compassion for others, builds inner strength and confidence.   Meditation and counseling should be taught in schools.  Should be practiced in the home, should be available to all.

My Hypnotherapy (family – group or individual) can fast track the foundation for healthy minds to develop, so they do not fall prey to alcohol, drugs, bullies, social media or negative events. So they have a safe place to talk – express and allow their true potential to develop, rather than “others” encouraging them in Mal-adaptive negative behaviors that are all too apparent in our global society.

I believe we owe it to our youth,  to get it “right”  and implement positive change in a caring balanced way.  Builds strength and fortitude, but more importantly, builds a better society for all.

Consider Hypnotherapy as a way to help you, your friends and or family members build a better safer and more productive life


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Grief, negativity and world affairs

Learning to be a light healer in dark times

We all, at more than one time in our lives have to deal with grief. The loss of someone; personal (friend or family member) or public (such as Lady Diana). Also to a lesser extent, the loss of some-thing.   (Job, car, house, career and all that it represents to us). Grief is a natural emotion when dealing with loss. In ancient times, the tribe would revere the dead, even ask the ancestors for help. The tribe would see death as a passage to the afterlife and rebirth.   All members of the family participated with that passage in a caring healing way for the one that passed, but more so for those who remained alive.

Grief only becomes a problem when people become “stuck” in it.  The emotion, so heavy that it is crippling. Studies have shown that people can die of a broken heart.  When Carrie Fisher died, her mom, Debbie Reynolds died within a day, of a broken heart.   It is not uncommon to see close partners or family die within days or weeks of the loss of a loved one.

When Lady Diana died the world mourned. However the media extended the grief in news reporting that lasted way beyond what would be normally accepted  (it sold newspapers – lots) and people were seriously grief stricken depressed and some even suicidal.  The collective got “stuck” by the media feeding the grief.  The world is polarized towards negativity and one has to be careful not to be snared in its relentless severity.

Effects on children

When the airplanes struck the twin towers in the USA. I had a dream column (analyzing dreams) in a  major magazine. Such was the media exposure and collective grief and anger, That there was a torrential flood of letters from young children  who’s  dreams  (their collective unconscious) were of being on the towers and dying.  The theme was truly embedded in a way that influenced a generation of children as young as seven, with a subconscious bedrock of fear, dying , no hope, and a pointless future.  Although those children, now adults, would not remember their dreams  at that time – consciously, the subconscious never forgets…. Never.

Terrorism (peddling fear).

The relentless fear of terrorism and our inhumanity to refugees does not go unnoticed by children who’s collective bedrock has been so conditioned by media, the TV, news and Internet, that becomes a third parent to the young.  And we wonder why and how teenagers become so mentally damaged or suffer PTS (post-traumatic stress) and high anxiety. All that background stress, fear and grief. They see the ads of dying children (charities air) asking for money, they see children bombed or slaughtered by war overseas. And children do not possess an adult filter through reason. In fact we expect them to develop reason way before they are mentally capable of doing so.

We train them to switch of emotionally, ( computer games of war and violence). We train them for deadening their aliveness and to join the collective in an unfeeling and inhuman way (another brick in the wall).  And if a few escape and show genuine feelings for others, the (imperial storm troopers) bullies, take care of them so they are truly damaged.  And then throw in drugs (a negative escape coping mechanism) fostered by a truly sick society.

 Painting a dark picture

Now I paint a truly horrifying picture, and you may think it’s not all that bad. But is it? I do not see a society that fosters ethics, morality and or a code of conduct. I see a society that fosters greed debt and everyone for themselves attitude.  A society grooming us to scorn homelessness and poverty and to dehumanize those in such a way that they too die way before their time.

Who’s at fault? Collectively those at the top and those who wield power and policy.  Those that manipulate public thinking.

Not all lost (checklist)

What does your mental diet consist of? Is it addicted to:

  • The news
  • talk back radio
  • Politics
  • Societies wrongs
  • War

What you focus upon fills your consciousness, and all of the above feeds your negative state.  Locks you into the dark side.

Learning to navigate safely out of harms way

  • Are you active?
  • Do you do your personal best?
  • Do you watch documentaries?
  • Do you improve your own education?
  • Recycle old unwanted clothes?
  • Help out (volunteer)?
  • Talk openly with your family and friends?
  • Are you mindful of yourself and actions upon others?

Now there are wonderful programs and people who do care and want to help, (even if governments do cut funding).  Parents that do their best, people do care – our unsung heroes.

But now there is a groundswell, collective seeds in our consciousness coming forward, and we are stepping up to the task. This groundswell needs to be nurtured into fullness. Understand that collective – grief, depression and anxiety are hidden killers, stealth killers and poison the mind.

On a positive note: Be sure to discuss personal as well as world events with your family without condemnation or prejudice, but in a healthy open way. Focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot do. Be an advocate for the light side of the force and do not give in to the dark side.

If all else fails, let Hypnotherapy help you through all your trying times and help balance your mind back to healthy state of well-being. Nurturing that groundswell is essential  and now more needed than ever before.  It leads to wisdom and a good life.


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