Socially Acceptable Predators

We often think of predators, hiding in the dark shadows, lurking silently and striking in the night; unsavory low lives.  However, in our society predators use the invisibility of openness, trust, technology and social skills to bait their victims to satiate their hidden desires.  They place themselves in trusted and honored positions, like a spider weaving a web in the right place to gain the best possible advantage.

However, what constitutes socially acceptable predators that are just as evil, and dark, yet has everyone’s approval, and when victims fall, we totally and outright blame the victim, and worse still, the chorus of society does the same.

The predators I am writing about are Gambling, Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking. I have to add to this list, computer games desensitizing and teaching our young to accept extreme violence, war and the personal violation and torture of others as okay. At a time when young  brains are still wiring behavior and social skills.

But now the new twist:  As reported in the ABC news website; quote  “Gamers are using Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) — a hugely successful first person shooter game — to bet on virtual weapons that have real world value”. End quote.  They purchase, skins (akin to chips in a casino) with real money, and as the ABC reports: Quote; “It takes just seconds to set up a gambling account for Counter-Strike players, there is no age limit on the gambling website” end quote. It effectively and skilfully bypasses international gambling law and encourages and trains our young to gamble.

The skins are transferable in that they can use them to bet on anything. By linking and entwining gambling to online games covertly, and aimed to appeal to video gamers of all ages is in my opinion, preditorial.  Predatory behavior is any behavior that covertly destroys, diminishes or harms. The people behind this type of predatory behavior lurk with complete anonymity with their tendrils running deep into the lives of many.

The preditorial links that destroys, diminishes or harms you or your friends.

  • Drugs are linked to youth rebellion and a rite of passage into adulthood
  • Alcohol is linked to seduction, and a rite of passage into adulthood
  • Gambling is linked to alcohol drugs and on line video games
  • All aimed at children, teenagers and young adults.
  • All destructive and corrosive in behavioural outcomes.

My Hypnotherapy program is effective and powerful in rescuing you, or those you know in the grip of socially acceptable predators, allowing you to build the strength and dignity, to empower and create a successful life.  …..Peace


About mat fav

Matthew is a Registered full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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