Doorway to harnessing your dreams and the creative imagination.

Have you ever had the feeling that you could fly? Or that you were invincible? Or that you were chased by an assailant? Chances are your answer is yes! That’s because all this action takes place in the arena of your mind, an area of consciousness we call dreams.

We all dream. There are no exceptions. Some brain researchers investigating dream/sleep phenomena, have deliberately deprived themselves of sleep, entering a state they call “askew dreaming” (hallucination) to see what happens. They report they experience psychotic experiences, hear voices, wield objects and sense all their irrational fears and phobias as they arise.

The mind is fascinating because it is so multi-dimensional and multi-directional. Our creative/visual/spatial perception (the imagination) transcends time and space and is an important tool in creating our reality. Many people do not know how to harness the power of dreams, nor the imagination in designing their reality in the real world. Dreams and your creative imagination open a doorway to personal power and creating your reality, and hypnosis is the key to that door.

Our imagination (day dreaming) and sleep-dreaming, and personal power are linked in a number of ways.

“Creative visualization and dreams” occur at the Alpha brain wave level, that is at 7 – 14 brain cycles per second. When we day dream we allow our most creative resources to flow; we have a conscious perception and control over our imagery (more right brain function).

Children up to puberty are predominantly in an alpha brain wave state most of the time (an eternal “now” time frame), which is why they instantly forget what you tell them. It also explains why when you try to reason (left brain) with a child, it usually goes in one ear and out the other.

Part of Shamanistic training is with the Alpha dream state in order to open the doors to inner dimensions. The Australian Aborigine triggers his dream state while listening to cicadas and/or crickets because the noise these tiny insects make oscillates between Theta and Alpha cycles (hence the “Dream Time”). More research into this area of brain/Alpha/dream creative states, needs to be explored to fully understand the creative powers we all have access to.

Dreaming occurs at all levels of brain activity. When we sleep our body rests and we dream. In Theta dream states the Brain oscillates at 4-7 cycles and we have a sense of merging with our deeper mind. This can be accessed and observed when a person is put into deep hypnotic trance. That is the state at which we can observe a loss of all logic and time orientation; when somnambulism and all suggestions and visualizations, no matter how bizarre, are accepted as real. It is in this state that psychic phenomena can take place. Future research may show this to be the brain level of precognition – dreaming of future events.

The brain level of Delta has a brain oscillation of 1 – 4 cycles. We know little about it except that Delta is a mysterious place equated with Zen states of meditation. Staying conscious at this level takes years of practice to achieve and is nearly impossible to research. Some mystics have claimed that in this state they have experienced a connection with what Jung called the collective unconscious, some even eluding to that state of all knowing.

To date we know for sure that during sleep and during dreams, we go through all of the brain wave levels and that our dreams, are at a deeply unconscious level. Some mystics have suggested that awake consciousness (the normal awakened state) is after all only a different level of dreaming. During meditation it is possible to choose the dream state we wish to experience by imagining an ideal setting and then drifting off to sleep with that in mind. Or, when we have nightmares and we wake up in a cold sweat, it is possible to imagine a happy outcome where we win, not lose, thus diffusing the power of the nightmare and giving our subconscious minds a positive message, rather than a negative one.

Getting into the flow, creating change, bending reality where everything turns around and works for you is only a hypnotic session away.  My hypnotherapy process starts your journey towards all this. Personal power, being in the flow and so much more! …. Peace.


About mat fav

Matthew is a Registered full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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