The problem with affirmations

There are a lot of books and courses on affirmations and creating one’s reality.  All stating that “your thoughts are creative”.  Therefore all your thoughts are affirmations which you then hold in your consciousness, to create a new desired reality.

Some books point to us being able to bend the universe to our will. The trouble with this is that the universe is infinitely big. I mean really big. Wiki states that  “It is estimated that the diameter of the observable universe is about 28 gigaparsecs   (93 billion light-years across).  Whilst humanity is really really small.  A micro atom in size comparison. Yet some have the audacity to say that we can bend the universe to our thinking.

The assumption that your thoughts create your reality is a distortion of your mind. It is true that what you focus upon fills your awareness (thoughts), and seems infinitely big. Obsessive thoughts, negative thoughts, single minded thoughts can consume one completely, but has zero effect on the known universe. The mind cannot think outside of itself.

All your mind can do is think thoughts, build internal maps of reality, imagine,…Etc.  I can imagine a nice cup of tea, but no internal willing, focus or imagination will manifest it as if by magic, on the table in front of me.

You are aware of your thoughts and imaginings; however, your thoughts and imaginings are not aware of you. They are mental constructs, nothing more, nothing less.

The mind wants to be King! But has little regard to that (you) part of you that is not mind. Remember I pointed out that you are aware of your thoughts and imaginings; however, your thoughts and imaginings are not aware of you. There is a huge part of you that is not of mind, not a mental construct. The watcher part of you watching you. Your inner knowing, your inner being; being.

Society has placed so much emphasis on the mind and mental intelligence (I.Q), that it lost all regard to anything else. We might as well be machine like androids, just logical intelligence, and as such, we risk losing our cohesiveness as a society and our humanity.

So here it is; Your thoughts are directive, not creative. (Not in the sense that new age philosophers make it out to be). Your thoughts direct awareness. Allows your awareness to focus like a magnifying lens onto whatever you are internally sorting out, or/and externally working through.

Einstein would do everything possible to distract his mind in order to find solutions to his physics problems. In other words, throw the mind off balance. He would do this particularly when he got stuck in an equation. He simply went to the piano or violin and played for hours. Very much like meditation and prayer beads do. It gets the mind out of the way.

So affirmations direct awareness on what you want to create in the world, both internally and hopefully, externally. The mind however is the great saboteur and most people’s affirmations are so extremely complicated that the only solution is to work on even more affirmations to fix the earlier ones, thus the minds vice like grip won’t let you go, nor get anywhere.

The sequence is usually:

  1. Negative thoughts. You have to eliminate blocks to your affirmations, such as negativity and negative thoughts. This should keep you busy for about two hundred years. If you say “I release all negativity and negative thoughts” you put in place an internal tension worrying about trying not to be negative, being all love and light, and then when you do get angry, or negative, you feel that you have failed in some way or that you are not good enough. The trap here is that your mind keeps generating negative thoughts for you to release. An eternal mind trap.
  1. You must believe and have faith. Beliefs and faith are just a bunch of thoughts nothing more nothing less. I believe the world is flat! Does not make it so. I believe my work colleague is evil! Does not mean that it is real.  Beliefs can only be held in the realm of the mind. Nowhere else and as such, are mental constructs. Another eternal mind trap.
  1. You must write your affirmation many times or do a vision board. This will keep you busy. The mind thinks it can bend the universe to your will. Keep writing…… (as it cracks a mental whip).

Your mind will do anything to be king and to keep you tied up in complicated processes in the hope you do not see that what you are doing is futile. In fact the mind will create many steps, levels, processes, and conditions that are impossible to complete.

So what good are affirmations? Affirmations are very good at directing awareness, creating focus and inner change to what you want to achieve,  or to focus more clearly and precisely on where you want to be.  Building the internal map. The map is not the territory.

People; however have very poor focusing ability, poor maps and limited skills in relaxing the minds vice like grip.

My Hypnotherapy can help you process affirmations, develop better focus and take the next step to generating what you want. The next step does not require your mind. Your mind will think of reasons not to do this. It wants to be king. So take a chance. Contact me.


About mat fav

Matthew is a Registered full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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