Grief, negativity and world affairs

Learning to be a light healer in dark times

We all, at more than one time in our lives have to deal with grief. The loss of someone; personal (friend or family member) or public (such as Lady Diana). Also to a lesser extent, the loss of some-thing.   (Job, car, house, career and all that it represents to us). Grief is a natural emotion when dealing with loss. In ancient times, the tribe would revere the dead, even ask the ancestors for help. The tribe would see death as a passage to the afterlife and rebirth.   All members of the family participated with that passage in a caring healing way for the one that passed, but more so for those who remained alive.

Grief only becomes a problem when people become “stuck” in it.  The emotion, so heavy that it is crippling. Studies have shown that people can die of a broken heart.  When Carrie Fisher died, her mom, Debbie Reynolds died within a day, of a broken heart.   It is not uncommon to see close partners or family die within days or weeks of the loss of a loved one.

When Lady Diana died the world mourned. However the media extended the grief in news reporting that lasted way beyond what would be normally accepted  (it sold newspapers – lots) and people were seriously grief stricken depressed and some even suicidal.  The collective got “stuck” by the media feeding the grief.  The world is polarized towards negativity and one has to be careful not to be snared in its relentless severity.

Effects on children

When the airplanes struck the twin towers in the USA. I had a dream column (analyzing dreams) in a  major magazine. Such was the media exposure and collective grief and anger, That there was a torrential flood of letters from young children  who’s  dreams  (their collective unconscious) were of being on the towers and dying.  The theme was truly embedded in a way that influenced a generation of children as young as seven, with a subconscious bedrock of fear, dying , no hope, and a pointless future.  Although those children, now adults, would not remember their dreams  at that time – consciously, the subconscious never forgets…. Never.

Terrorism (peddling fear).

The relentless fear of terrorism and our inhumanity to refugees does not go unnoticed by children who’s collective bedrock has been so conditioned by media, the TV, news and Internet, that becomes a third parent to the young.  And we wonder why and how teenagers become so mentally damaged or suffer PTS (post-traumatic stress) and high anxiety. All that background stress, fear and grief. They see the ads of dying children (charities air) asking for money, they see children bombed or slaughtered by war overseas. And children do not possess an adult filter through reason. In fact we expect them to develop reason way before they are mentally capable of doing so.

We train them to switch of emotionally, ( computer games of war and violence). We train them for deadening their aliveness and to join the collective in an unfeeling and inhuman way (another brick in the wall).  And if a few escape and show genuine feelings for others, the (imperial storm troopers) bullies, take care of them so they are truly damaged.  And then throw in drugs (a negative escape coping mechanism) fostered by a truly sick society.

 Painting a dark picture

Now I paint a truly horrifying picture, and you may think it’s not all that bad. But is it? I do not see a society that fosters ethics, morality and or a code of conduct. I see a society that fosters greed debt and everyone for themselves attitude.  A society grooming us to scorn homelessness and poverty and to dehumanize those in such a way that they too die way before their time.

Who’s at fault? Collectively those at the top and those who wield power and policy.  Those that manipulate public thinking.

Not all lost (checklist)

What does your mental diet consist of? Is it addicted to:

  • The news
  • talk back radio
  • Politics
  • Societies wrongs
  • War

What you focus upon fills your consciousness, and all of the above feeds your negative state.  Locks you into the dark side.

Learning to navigate safely out of harms way

  • Are you active?
  • Do you do your personal best?
  • Do you watch documentaries?
  • Do you improve your own education?
  • Recycle old unwanted clothes?
  • Help out (volunteer)?
  • Talk openly with your family and friends?
  • Are you mindful of yourself and actions upon others?

Now there are wonderful programs and people who do care and want to help, (even if governments do cut funding).  Parents that do their best, people do care – our unsung heroes.

But now there is a groundswell, collective seeds in our consciousness coming forward, and we are stepping up to the task. This groundswell needs to be nurtured into fullness. Understand that collective – grief, depression and anxiety are hidden killers, stealth killers and poison the mind.

On a positive note: Be sure to discuss personal as well as world events with your family without condemnation or prejudice, but in a healthy open way. Focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot do. Be an advocate for the light side of the force and do not give in to the dark side.

If all else fails, let Hypnotherapy help you through all your trying times and help balance your mind back to healthy state of well-being. Nurturing that groundswell is essential  and now more needed than ever before.  It leads to wisdom and a good life.



About mat fav

Matthew is a Registered full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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