Generating A Prosperity Consciousness

According to a search on google: Prosperity means: “wealth, success, profitability, plenty, welfare, comfort, security, well-being, successfulness”.

I believe prosperity is more than that. Prosperity is a way of being, thinking and behaving. It is all about improving yourself on all levels and a continuum of learning. This involves building and maintaining your personal ethics and your code of conduct.

Let’s look at those three keys more closely.

1:  Being: Focuses on mindfulness. How do my actions affect others? It brings into play spiritual growth and improving inner balance and emotional well-being. Also how you appear and express to yourself and others. (Dress, style, cleanliness etc.)

2:  Thinking: Focuses on inner thoughts and also communication to those around you, improving your word vocabulary, focusing on being a better version of yourself and refraining from gutter talk, gossip, swearing and damaging and rude behavior that demeans you. Keep your word and keep your private life private, if there is not a good thing to say about someone else, then say nothing. Focus on what works rather than complaining about what doesn’t.

3:  Behaving: Developing a style and class that is real and second nature. Honesty at all times.   An example: We grew up in an average working class home, but my mother would always go to work dressing in her best and looking a million dollars. She commanded respect simply by looking her best without overdoing it or bragging to others. Nor did she judge anyone else’s circumstances treating everyone equally and with respect.

As you raise your game, you build a natural prosperity consciousness. My aunt Zelma lived on a rural property, she had little money but her house was simple, yet beautiful. Clean, open and inviting. A wood stove, often in use with plenty of wonderful home cooking. She was prosperous.

Prosperity is not about just money or greed. I know a lot of rich people who are not prosperous. A lot of people who are debt rich, yet not prosperous. Money is only a small part of building a prosperity consciousness. Nurture your body, mind and spirit yet remaining humble open and happy.

Affirmations are often expounded upon by new age gurus, but not fully understood, saying just an affirmation will not bring you prosperity (see my article  on Affirmations here in my blog).

Above all, take your time, raise your energy and be true to yourself. My prosperity Hypnotherapy program can help you build a prosperity consciousness getting you on your way to being successful and having a happy life. Understand that a prosperity consciousness encompasses a way of life full of ethics, common sense, observation and wise action.



About mat fav

Matthew is a full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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