Getting in touch with your super self

You will often hear the phrase “trust your intuition”. Yes we all have intuition, an emotional field that’s extraordinarily similar to radar were it senses ahead for danger, or those places and situations that are safe. I feel it is a carryover from primitive times when language was limited and the tribe had to sense a good place to tread, or a bad place to avoid. No one really wanted to be lunch for the saber tooth tiger! In our modern world language reigns supreme and intuition has dwindled to almost a non-existent place. Yet intuition, or that inner connection with your super self is what most extremely wealthy and successful people point to, that made them very successful and rich.

We often think that a university degree will automatically lead to success, however recent statistics point to that not necessarily being the case for everyone. Most universities are big business and degrees stretching over 4 to 6 years is a huge chunk in any person’s life with a huge debt as well. Also be mindful that a mortgage of today will often take an entire lifetime to pay off. Especially when medium house prices are around the $900,000 mark in the big cities in Australia. Take into account interest rates and you realize you’re a debt slave forever.

Often people think that to reach success, fulfillment or financial freedom that being entrepreneurial is the key! The latest greatest idea will lead to success.  Or the Internet! There are many entrepreneurs that have fallen on their sword. Many play the stock market have also fallen by the wayside. And now the kingpin is bitcoin. Yet here also, danger may lie in wait.

So how does one navigate whether 9-to-5 job is best, or a degree is best, or being entrepreneurial is best, Or being in the service industry is best, or being an apprentice is best. You get the point…..  What is the right path for you?

It’s easy to spot the leopard in the field. It is way harder to navigate the human zoo. This is where intuition comes into play. Those people who develop high intuition are the most flexible in any fixed system. They’re not stubborn or stuck, they are innovative focused and determined to follow through. There is a big difference between stubborn and focus, and being flexible within any system is one of the keys to success. Before I talk about intuition;

I want to share a metaphor.

In the gold rush days people would go out of pans picks and shovels hoping to strike it rich. Many did not. It was simply a hit or miss thing. Mining life was hard and treacherous. Yet those who became rich were those that sold the pans picks and shovels. The miners had the dream of striking it rich. The suppliers of pans picks and shovels recognised an opportunity.

Now here is where intuition comes into play, trusting your feelings on the job interview, that idea that you have, the feeling of how you would like to service humanity with your skill set, all takes observation, training, dedication and follow-through. Most people link career with how they personally feel and this is a big mistake. I’ve met many people with low self-esteem making money hand over fist. I’ve met many dreamers that sit in the lounge room playing video games and achieving nothing and visa versa.

Recognizing what is working and what the trends are as essential. Taking the emotional risk, a leap of faith and trust. New age people simply think they can manifest with the law of attraction having to do no work at all….. No short cuts to wealth. Yet, trusting your intuition can allow you to be in the right place at the right time.  But more than that, it allows you to become the master of your life.

Being flexible and allowing yourself to add value to what you do is essential. “When you deal with people go the extra mile”, is often the saying. If you’re in a job you hate you’re in the wrong job, or possibly in that job for the wrong reasons. Not only does your life have to add value to you, it has to add value to other people.

Intuition and the connection to intuition puts you in  the flow, being in the right place at the right time take some brain training, but not the brain training that you think. The brain training I’m talking about is that of lowering your brain waves from normal consciousness down into alpha or theta states with specific exercises and purpose  with follow through. Hypnotherapy is excellent at fast track you into those states. With the added value that I can preset your subconscious mind to achieving the goals that you want to build and explore.  But more importantly, to enhance your intuition. To enhance your focus, to enhance your ability to observe and to take advantage of opportunities that will put you ahead or in a good place in life.

Are you creative? flexible or are you stuck in a cycle, a soap opera, TV, or family drama conditioned by television that is taking all your energy and limiting your life. Do you live in fantasy-land. Intuition allows you to move into the right place at the right time and take advantage of opportunities. Remember life is never meant to be fair. If it was fair that there would be no struggling people in the world, no wars, no famine, no systems by governments that restrict, destroying all limit people getting ahead in life. Understanding that life is not fair is a sobering thought. Knowing that it is only you that can push yourself into being flexible, activating your intuition, and activating what drives you with the help of hypnotherapy. Without hypnotherapy many people fall over and simply give up on their dreams.

My hypnotherapy process is personally and specifically designed to you, simply because you are an individual even though you’re part of a collective. Let me help you achieve. Understand that people have two powers, will power, and won’t power. How you’re won’t power today, I bet it’s strong. Being of service to others as a start but is not the whole picture, as you get in touch with you, your drives, your personality, your environment. This helps me help you to break free of the gravity or better still the molasses that you’re stuck in.

Hypnotherapy can be arranged by Skype or in person. Today, now and be the start of a wonderful adventure. To connect with me simply email and your journey starts thank you.


About mat fav

Matthew is a Registered full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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