Big Brother – Social Media and Cyberspace  

The one thing that should connect us all, social media, is the one thing that causes a lot of mental anguish and discord. As Big Brother slowly and methodically encapsulates our life like a snake strangling its prey ever so slowly, or like quicksand that slowly sucks you in.

You have to master social media apps in a way that works for you, rather than you being a slave to them and other peoples opinion.

An example of this is Facebook: It wants you to connect to everybody that you know, all the contacts in your emails, phone, etc, even people you don’t want to ever see again or connect with.  But Facebook is reminding you that you should connect to everybody and everyone. Like a spider in a spider’s web once you are snared it’s hard to get out. If you don’t connect with friends, then Facebook reminds you every single moment that you should. LinkedIn and Twitter are just as pushy. Let’s take apps for an example, when you download an app from Google play, you have to give permission to access your photos your friends your emails your contacts, your computer, well everything connected in Cyberspace. It’s not like you can opt out if you want that app.

Now I see this or is a huge invasion of privacy, and a huge whittling away of your rights. The internet to my knowledge, does not self monitor in a way that simply protects you from personal Cyber information gathering, Cyber Bullying or Sales Marketing.

In fact you only have the right to accept all the conditions of apps and social media portals and that adds to all your personal information being on-line, thus building a personal profile that may effect employment thus adding pressure – increasing your personal stress.  What you place On line – Stays on line – Forever.

The Internet is great for marketing from corporations, as they can build a profile on you and target you with advertising.  The downside of this lack of foresight is that the internet pushes every boundary and this gives governments the excuse to restrict,  or close down, or monitor cyberspace as best that they can.  The Internet should serve you (information, education and news) not you serving it. Remember it is not your personal diary.

Life is hectic, it’s easy to send an email, or connect with Facebook for that birthday wish rather than a card, meet-up or call,  but in the end our social structures suffer, and I believe our mental health suffers. No longer do we get together with friends, we connect electronically. No longer do we meet at the coffee shop, we have pretend coffee over the Internet.

Then there’s the cursed ads, just do a Google search for something, and you see endless ads for that product you’re looking for come up in every other app that you have including Facebook.

Is there a solution?  Yes. A simple one, you can text, phone your friends and arrange an actual meet up if possible, and I highly suggest you quit or completely minimize your social media activity. Clear your cookies on your computer, this will reduce the focused product ads that you originally searched fro popping up. Actually go out and socialize, meet people and your friends. Enjoy life. It’s the human thing to do.

If you are super stressed or super conditioned or a slave to social media, with social media  being your life, then by all means arrange some hypnotherapy (Skype or in person where applicable), simply to get you back on track – bringing a balance back between the real world and your exploration of Cyberspace.


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Matthew is a Registered full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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