How our culture destroys your relationship with your children

Society is based on its people, the cohesion of good people. It in our society we have processes that actually destroy your relationship with your children – covertly. The old adage is divide to conquer and this applies strongly in the society in which you live. We teach our children to always tell the truth or they will be punished, yet it is our society that causes damage and division and the subconscious mind not only remembers, but then lays the foundation for personality through life’s early experiences, starting from childhood.

There are many cultural divisions but less look at the main three;

Santa Claus

Athough this seems fairly innocent is still is in fact a lie. You work very hard for your money, buy presents for your kids, and Santa Claus gets the kudos, and when poverty stricken children asks Santa Claus for a present and nothing arrives, they feel unworthy or as if they’re done something bad, as a song says “you better be good”, and the all knowing Santa keeps a record of all the bad kids who are unworthy of any presents.

Parents do their very best at Christmas time. And it’s a time of love, giving and sharing, but has been singularly reduced down to commercial greed. When children grow up and realize the representation of Santa Claus is one big fat lie, the damage is already done and not only that, it was the parents that lied to them, trust broken and then the division starts.

It is wise to tell your children the truth that Santa Claus represents the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of giving, and is representative symbolically by a man or woman dressed as Santa Claus. He’s not the person you’re seeing in front of you. The pantomime of sitting on Santa Claus’s lap and asking for everything, and then finding nothing arrives at Christmas time is a sadistic punishment and is cruel; And if things do arrive that you’ve asked for (from your parents secretly), then you have learnt a dysfunctional way of living in society, where everyone should support you and you don’t have to do anything in return.

Now I know this appears really really harsh, but if you tell the truth to children, in our example that Santa Claus as a representative of the spirit of Christmas and not actually a person who comes down a chimney (and who has one of them these days), and gives you presents,then everyone can enjoy Christmas what it truly is – the joy of family loving, giving and sharing.

The tooth fairy

Well getting paid for losing rotten teeth is simply a bad idea, if you have to give your kids money, give them for keeping their teeth clean and good. And for those parents who can’t put a coin under the pillow when a kid does lose a tooth, then that child feels unworthy and neglected. It stems historically from travelers who would pay a coin (money) for a child’s tooth to act as a talisman to protect them from evil spirits or harm on their journeys.

The Easter Bunny

An ancient right of fertility, the all eternal egg – creation, and loving the earth simply reduced to a chocolate eating fest, with no no mention of nurturing the earth and nature, and looking after the planet we live on, working with the planet rather than being a parasitic upon it, heck if we throw the world away we have nowhere else to go. And by the way, rabbits don’t lay eggs.

Now all these festivals, represented time for community love and sharing. But they have been turned on their collective heads, hijacked for commercial greed that eventually leads to family division, broken promises and processes of divide and conquer. The corporate world is a soulless entity that wants money – (only money). Parents have learned to be a little wiser with their money, where children and teenagers spend like there’s no tomorrow, and never think of the future. So they are naturally and automatically targeted.

The other divisive processes television, social media, movies. With the same themes over and over again. Watch any soap opera and you get a recipe for destroying your life and living in misery. All these processes teach children to be dysfunctional, have no self esteem, lie, cheat steal, and worse still – manipulate to get what they want while never feeling worthy – divide and conquer.

Your relationship with your children should be sacred, and the subconscious mind which is usually set around five or six, never forgets the injustice, the hurt, the rejection, the lies, even if they are cultural lies and especially whenever, they’ve asked for something for Christmas and didn’t get exactly what they wanted or worse still…. nothing at all.

The truth works, and can be said in a gentle loving way that still keeps the magic, mystery and mythology of these sacred events in place, there to support family love and nurturing and not to divide it.



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Matthew is a Registered full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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