Going beyond conditioned beliefs

We are the only life form on this planet that created and worshiped the Gods. No other species does that, not even our closest genetic primates.

Yet, most religions lack evolution.

Most religions have a built-in death wish. Where otherworldly states such as  heaven, and / or the higher realms etc are always far better than being here and alive in the physical world on Earth. The only way to get to these higher places, is usually through punishment, restriction,  and ultimately death.

We a taught to blindly following a belief system that stems from before the dark ages, and the ultimate death wish is in bringing about –  “The end of days”, and that blind following without conscious thinking is called “faith”. Faith suspends conscious thinking, questioning and reasoning.

People will kill you for what you believe.  Even the division within Christianity on who owns Jesus, (as well as other religions) all of which have their own problems, some of which seriously border on having cult status and is in my view, in need of serious questioning.

A religion is simply based on getting followers to follow either : A deity, a holy person or spiritual leader. Mind you it is far better, that – that person or spiritual leader is dead. The teaching then frozen in time can never be changed, although only the interpretation can and here lies the distortion.

Religious teaching is then lost in translation, omitted and then re-interpreted any way by the earthly powers to be in anyway they  want it to.

Through the church most teachings remained static and belong to an era that we no longer live in and can be interpreted in any way they want.

This article is born out of the disbelief in looking at the news in recent times and seeing pedophile priests and church cover-ups who have damaged children and feel that that’s okay (and seem to only show remorse when they are caught).

In fact intimacy sex and loving seems to be very much against some church doctrines when it comes to being a priest – who by the way wears a dress and is married to God and the church in equal status. Everyone is born with a sex urge and the need to procreate, and the suppression of this urge has to either send someone into high denial or it comes out sideways in unnatural behaviors. You see most religions were based on punishment and the fall from the Garden, so we’re here to be punished, and the only way to gain redemption is by even more punishment, the old Testament had a very punishing God.

Society only got a leg up when there was a division between church and state and many people lost their lives in the name of God owned by a particular religion or church who thought they were right, the problem is every other religion thought they were right also, –  and this ultimately led to continual wars and death. But in the eyes of religion that’s okay because nirvana heaven or the spiritual realms is always a better place to be.

Earth is seen as a place of punishment, where we are all sinners have the possibility of redemption only through death and judgement – after death.

In our modern society, religious fervor wanting “end of days” thinking,  has been creeping back into the political agenda. In fact the end of days has a built-in death urge and most religious people have been conditioned to manly look forward to “end of days”, so the righteous can bask in the light of God which could only happen when everyone is dead and the non-righteous will burn in hell, forever.

Can you see how this thinking is not only psychotic and bizarre but downright harmful.

Guilt requires one thing and is very demanding. Guilt always requires punishment. But no one tells you how much punishment is enough, so you remain eternally guilty. And if you’re not guilty, then the church gives you the guilt of original sin and the loss from the garden, or guilt over the crucifixion of Jesus, and to save you from sin and guilt, they lock you into a cycle of redemption, suffering and homage with church offerings (mostly money). Most of the main religions are extremely wealthy while they peddle poverty as a way of life.

Where a culture of pedophilia and morally and ethically bankrupt priests flourish behind the closed doors of the church and get away with what they have done, with hurting children, – ruining and destroying their lives, where the church seems to remain above common law.

The spotlight of society has shed some light into this, and it is a good thing, albeit resisted by church authorities to change things other than just lip service to do so, mainly through prayer. The system is unchanged and it is this fundamental resistance that is very telling, with only a few getting a short tokenistic slap on the wrist by the judicial system.   The damage done will do little to protect from the damage to come. Not even by prayers.

As a hypnotherapist healing such wounds with clients takes time but can be done.

For the very people, most people feel they should trust,  (the priests and then the church hierarchy itself ) have violated their very existence. How do we protect our children from such hidden secret offenders, where the system is set up so nothing really ever gets done and everything is looked at after the fact.

It is the inability of the church to evolve, adapt and change, but more importantly to ultimately protect its parishioners from itself that may lead to it’s eventual falling by the wayside,  and we will get back to looking after planet earth. The only place in our galactic neighborhood that has a garden. I was asked once, “how would the worlds religions react to extraterrestrial life”. I said “with open arms, they would send out missionaries to convert them”.

Mandatory reporting should apply to the confessional, but alas in many places it is not, due to religious fundamentalism.

Do we need a detox from our religious conditioning? I think so.

Now, my philosophy is to live and let live. You can worship whatever you want. and believe in what ever you want. I never challenge anyone’s beliefs as long as it does no harm to other people.

Regardless of whether you belong to a cult, religion or other belief systems that are ruining your life. Let my hypnotherapy service help you through such troubled times to a place of real inner healing.



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Matthew is a Registered full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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