Brain Tune-Ups

A long time ago it was once thought that when we reached adulthood, around the age of 18 to 20, that the brain was fully formed and that was it, what you had is what you are stuck with. No-one ever thought that the brain is what they call – neuro plastic. What this actually means by the work “plastic” is much like Plasticine, being flexible, rewiring of the neurons, the ability to create new pathways, and is in a constant state of learning adapting and evolving.

When you consider that if the brain was set by the time you are 20, then it really couldn’t learn anything new or adapt to the evolution of society i.e. the Internet mobile phones and technology etc . Now apart from the fact that what your grandparents had to brain process in one year, we now have to do that same brain processing in one day, so we are hit with overload. We get stressed, and the problem lies in the fact that we do not recognize those ever increasing stress levels. IE, high stress becomes the new norm. Energetically speaking, high stress can collapse into depression.

Yet, because stress is uniquely subjective, we do not know or fail to recognize an overloading of stress,until something breaks, and by that time a lot of work needs to be done in healing the mind, and the brain.

In fact, most will spend more and their cars, more on exercise, more on their loved ones, yet fail to look after their own minds ability to process, and this is a signal that the brain is in overload. Such statements as “I can’t cope”, or “I can’t deal with that now” . Those that are in emotional overload. Those that continually procrastinate, those that leave the known world and only play computer games, smoke or gamble, and those that do drugs. Or try other coping mechanisms.

So everyone’s brain needs a tune-up, and I really mean a tune-up. Keeps you running well, keeps the mind healthy, allows you to adapt to the ever changing landscape of overwhelming information. Most people go to yoga, some do weights, others cope in different ways. So think of a hypnosis session, as time out, a time to retrain the brain. Keeps you mentally healthy.

We see a hypno workout at its most valuable with study memory and recall, or where people get stressed at exams. We see this with the release of habits that are bad for you, or simply to pull you out of a stagnant or stuck state, or simply just to allow your brain to reboot and be as sharp as a tack, healthy in mind, action and outlook. When this happens, you have a lot of energy and new outlook on life. You feel refreshed.

Once upon a time when you only had to process a very small amount brain wise, a good night sleep was sufficient, but that doesn’t hold true anymore.

Regardless of how you handle stress, or how you manage stress. Notice these terms No one ever says to let go of stress or to retrain your brain in a different way, so stress does not become part of you.

Think of those martial artists, they are super trained to move but they think in a different way. They are trained in mind which flows into body. Most of their moves a reflex action without even thinking. They become a master of their environment, and I want you to become a master of your environment. To see you having a happy fulfilled life.

So I suggest you book a tune-up today, and get your brain refreshed and renewed and working for you in the way it was intended to be, and in a way that you want.

About mat fav

Matthew is a full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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