Understanding the human zoo and learning how to master it

The biggest emotional driver of humanity would have to be “curiosity”. You see this in action every day, especially in advertising. Also, if you search the web. The taglines are designed to make you look, to make you follow through. Such as “you should see what this lady did in the stairwell” now such a statement triggers curiosity, and then you click on the YouTube clip or the article, and before you know it two hours of gone by and you’ve wasted a lot of time.

The other big emotional driver is to have or get things instantly.

We live in a world where we want instant communication, instant action, instant direction, and people haveing to get back to you is now annoying and creates an anxiety.

The mind can’t stand not knowing.

If I said to you “there’s something really important I need to tell you, but I’ll tell you tomorrow” sent in a text or phone message, how anxious would you become. The mind does not like a blank, it tries to fill in the pieces. You start to think what could it be what could they want how important is it?… Depending on the inflection of the message, narcissists do this all the time. And also people who live in drama land.

Those are live in drama land are quite different, they always ring you with a crisis wanting you to come up with an instant solution. The stress in them implies that there crisis’s immediate and in some cases life-threatening.

We live in a world of manipulation.

The best definition I heard of manipulation is, “manipulation is influence without consent.” Putting the cart in front of the horse, an example being: someone says to “you can you help me, I need to know where the airport is, as I’m feeling really stuck in what direction it is and need to catch my flight and I am already running late”, (crisis). So you give directions on how to get there swiftly and accurately, they look confused and then say “can you drive me.” So a little event turns into a huge event with manipulators, and they make you feel responsible for everything that’s going on in their lives.Also making you feel responsible. It is a huge sign that you are being manipulated.

Diplomacy is a nice word for lying.

Diplomancy, where you learn to trust no one. Those people that are nice to your face and say terrible things behind your back. Its cousin is small minded gossip.

The ramifications of instant media.

Causes problems in people where they post online or post something which they immediately regret. And since most of your bosses will look at your social media footprint, it can sometimes lead you into being fired, or not suitable to hold the role that you have.


People may suffer a myriad of psychological conditions, such as depression and anxiety. Also there are the psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, et cetera and you wonder why anyone really survives any of this.

Self Mastery.

If you look your earliest life’s experience training ground – either your parents, society, social media, advertising, television (especially soap operas, which teach you disregard for ethics, people and morality), and you then take into account the news, and the negativity of the world, no wonder people are unhappy, depressed, miserable and anxious. And this becomes a foundational background stress everyone experiences.

Negativity of the world.

So once you realise we live in a sea of negativity, a deluge of how to get your life wrong, then being measurable is a consequence of living in drama land. However, it’s easy to disengage from it, and I don’t mean that you go live in a cave somewhere on an island retreat. But learning how to navigate through this sea of negativity and come through it somewhat unscathed, without being too damaged is a skill worth having.

Retrain your brain Jedi style.

We retrain your brain with hypnotherapy, and give you skills to emotionally handle the world around you; the world which acts more like an erupting volcano, rather than a calm peaceful ocean.


Most people spend more money on their cars (and what the neighbours think), than spend time on strengthening their most valuable asset – their minds. We know the brain is neuro plastic and what that means is simply that you never stop learning, you adapt and evolve.

Retraining focus.

We know that what you focus upon, fills your consciousness, and when something fills your mind it dominates, rewires and strengthens that part of the brain that is attached to fight and flight. If you look for disasters you’ll find them everywhere, if you look for peace and tranquility you’ll find that too – everywhere.

Anxiety as the norm.

Most people live in a highly anxious state which is now become the normal for most, and most don’t realise or recognise this anxious stated all. It is only when they relax, really relax via hypnosis that they discover how anxious that really been. And fight flight anxiety can lead to a lot of health problems, and when anxiety runs out of energy, it falls into depression. Especially when you see news events or dramas from others, or in social media that you have no power over and cannot change.

The retraining program that I utilize.

Learning to shift gears with the mind, and learning to navigate is something you have to learn. We retrain your brain via hypnosis, as well as giving you vital skills in navigating all of this, which is essential for health, wellness and living a balanced happy life.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Then let’s start your training today, you can learn one-on-one, or via Skype or similar. Personal training can be done in class or privately. Discover how easy it is to master your life, create personal power and love and empower what you do.

About mat fav

Matthew is a full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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