Stopping the re-emergence of negative patterns and experience


There are fixed moments in time, that molds you as a person, and defines your purpose in life. Such defining moments, are what we call anchor points to the past, be it the loss of a parent, an abusive person, social economical situations, war et cetera. All of which molds your life’s experience, and molds your thinking.

Anchor points to the past.

You can imagine a boat docked at a jetty, anchored securely. Yet if you were to accelerate that boat, full speed ahead, the engine roaring, the boat would expel a lot of energy but goes nowhere! Eventually the boat will run out of petrol. Such an analogy can be used with people, when you’re stuck at a past event, (moored to the dock) expending a lot of energy (but going nowhere) running out of energy (leading to depression, or loss of personal power).

It’s only when you get stuck at an anchor point in the past, that stops you moving forward. That stops you integrating experience which will lead you to being a better person and a lot wiser. Experience should eventually lead to wisdom. When an anchor point is stuck, it can lead to anger, resentment, inertia, bitterness and framing the world as a negative bad place.

A Clients Journey

I had a client who was fearful of authority, would collapse and suffer, would never speak up in fear retribution, it so happened that when my client started school, he had a mean and horrible abusive teacher for the school year, (the teacher was eventually is removed and sacked), yet that event at six years of age became a defining anchor point on which he defined all his life, and the survival mechanism was simply to play dead.

The client had a really bad teacher, but also then a year later had a really good teacher, who was kind gentle. My client eventually in life became a teacher and had modeled himself on the really good teacher. Yet collapsed internally were it came to authority. An inward sign of post-traumatic stress from childhood carried into adulthood and mapped onto his entire life.

After hypnotherapy using techniques such as Hypnotherapy metaphors, NLP and Gestalt, the client finally reached a state of resolution . And could reflect on how that defining moment shaped not only how that person viewed the world, but what direction that person would take in life.


I bet you know many people, who are stuck on one point in their life in their past, where the person takes a horrible event, and that event controls and colors their entire life in a negative way. Simply because they can’t let go, and like any wound it festers, and they eventually live in a state of pure toxicity, no friends, unable to trust, a shadow of their former self. Showing more dead-ness than aliveness in their lives.

So after all therapy is said and done, when you know deep down when something is complete, when it no longer has power over you, and is placed in the realm of forgetfulness a place we call peace. Such is the power of hypnotherapy, and the techniques I use to help you move forward and live your life more fully.

About mat fav

Matthew is a full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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