Meditation why do it?

Before we talk about meditation, we have to look at our lives in perspective. What our grandparents had to process brain wise in one year, we now have to process in one day. So there is continuous mental overload, and a sense of being in a pressure cooker which is becoming a new natural “norm”.

I kinda hate the word normal, because it is misused by media and governments as a way of grooming the public into thinking that all the stress and all your critical life changes are normal, when nothing could be further from the case.

Ecological background stress

Our weather is in climatic disaster mode and will get worse Work and the ability to pay off our mortgage or pay rent, let alone buyin food now becomes gets harder and harder due to climate induced disasters.

Finding work, while there is an ever increasing process to reduce services and support systems that cannot meet the needs of those looking for employment.

The threat of terrorism. War and economic financial meltdowns.

Personal Stress

The stress of immediate social networks only increasing the pressure for us to respond immediately to our environment and our friends without even taking time out to think and reflect. Many things are said on social networks where people later regret posting, once you click that button you can’t retrieve it.

The relentless sea of an ever increasing load that we had to process does not allow time for any real decompression, to think outside the box, to regenerate, and to stay mentally healthy. Evolution of the human race has not kept up with our technological evolution which has outstripped our ability to cope with all the modern pressures we have in the world today.


So meditation is not wrapping one leg around one neck like the yogi,s do, nor do you have to join an Zen monk monastery to decompress, to get perspective, to rebuild. Meditation is a gentle process of relaxation, and learning mind techniques and skills that will strengthen your ability in these ever-changing times.

So what went wrong with our society: I call it the embedded and ingrained attitude of: The stiff upper lip, cope with it, toughen up attitude, which strictly belongs pre-World War I. Such attitudes are destructive, leads to mental illness and incapacitates the self. Such attitudes have no place in the modern world we see today.

We only become aware of its destructiveness when we have an emotional collapse, nervous breakdown, become stuck in anxiety and/or depression, and can’t cope with the little things or the big things anymore. And only then do we seem to take action which is a lot harder to rectify than maintaining proper mindset of strength and personal power.

Why not join a meditation class today (and via personal training via skype or similar) learn new skills (you can do it) and empower your life, You gain beneficial results in a far quicker time than you would normally imagine.

Why with me?

As a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist with training in counseling, breath therapies, humanistic psychotherapy, just to name a few. I am qualified to assist you in the meditative process. ( sometimes when we begin meditation, deb re arises from our unconscious mind for healing. and that is why seeing a mind specialist as myself puts you in safe hands to deal with such issues should they arise.

Start now

Yes you can start straight away. You will be surprised at how effective and healing the whole process is. Contact me now for more information and I look forward to bringing the best of you forward.


About mat fav

Matthew is a full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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