Conspiracy Theories In A Digital Age – A danger to your mental health.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I have noticed that many people should be careful and mindful when looking through social media such as You Tube or other resources on the net that you don’t get pulled into “conspiracy theories” a.k.a. fake news.

You can spot fake news and conspiracy theories because they usually have emotional content that creates stress that you have no power over to change. There is often a sense of urgency which “ups” the stress levels, which then puts you in a fight flight situation, logic goes out the left ear, and you react rather than empower.

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real event or an imagined one but your body reacts the same, high cortisol, stress hormones, adrenaline, fight flight.

The stress of conspiracy theories triggers weaker or lower immune systems, ill health and high mental anxiety which can lead to even more higher levels of anxiety where other mental issues can and usually develop. People can and do become quite paranoid.

What you focus on fills your mind, like a lens onto microscopic writing on piece of paper it makes that writing appear big – when it’s not. The mind is selective, and what you focus upon – you gravitate towards, that is why I suggest – mindfulness meditation and being in charge of your thoughts, rather than your thoughts being in charge of you.

Conspiracy theories on the net are damaging, fake news on the net is damaging, it can lead to mental stress, obsession and the possibility of developing neurosis and or psychosis.

Owning your own power, and asking the question who benefits from this? Such places as “you tube” for example, the amount of views they get equals the amount of money they make. Is the conspirators theorist selling books or seminars. The old expression is this: If you want to know the truth of anything follow the money. Who benefits?

With fake news, apart from destroying people, events or other, to name a few is designed to influence voting habits and opinion, an example being what was seen on the news with Cambridge Analytica which influenced the USA elections and Brexit.

The real agenda is grooming, and conditioning your behavior and opinions for a specific outcome, we see this in advertising. The dark side is now found in conspiracy theories and fake news, Or even connecting with social media “influencers”. Such places as Facebook, You Tube, and or any social media app – micro influence takes place to some extent or another.

When you fall into the trap of conspiracies theories you feel compelled to tell everybody; to somehow alleviate the stress, like a cult they need to find community and build membership. i.e. like-minded people. It is the downside of not having any power to change anything that is outside of their personal arena.

Examples of: Alien invasions, political agendas, psychological agendas, news agendas, sexuality agendas… racial agendas. It goes on and on and on, – there is a conspiracy theory usually about everything.

They hook you with curiosity, or fear, or injustice, or simply to create an emotional response so you stop thinking. My Hypnotherapy “Strengthen Your Mind Power” Is a tool that my hypnotherapy services can offer you.

There is always an agenda. Example: Web hackers that use all sorts of processes to try to gain access to your computer, with such alerts that your computer is infected, when in fact it is not. Your fear reaction is to press the button to solve the problem only to install spyware. The same thing goes for telephone scammer claiming to be an authority who then asked for money and your bank account details, simple do not respond, hang up and do not engage. For computers install antivirus software that protects you.

However, no such software can protect you from conspiracy theories and fake news, your hardware is your brain, and your software is your mind.

My hypnotherapy and my life coaching comes into its own helping you to build self esteem and life skill habits. With skill sets such as meditation, stress management, and guidance, can add great value to your mental health and stability. An objective approach can help you see things in their true perspective about those experiences that you cannot do anything to change.

The techniques for staying clear in your mind and learning the skill of objective thinking, to stop you falling into the quicksand of conspiracy theories, fake news and the like, is an approach that my hypnotherapy and coaching skills can give you.

In Summary:

Conspiracies are presented as fact where the other part of the term, theory is lost in the mix. A theory is something that has yet to be proven through checks and balances and due process. Conspiracy theories don’t empower you they incapacitate you

Conspiracy propaganda’s have hidden agendas for a purpose unknown to you. Fake news is part of conspiracy propaganda that we see worldwide for political or financial gain.

Conspiracy fake news and hidden agendas, are there to manipulate you emotionally, And you can spot a conspiracy theory because it creates a situation that get you emotional which you have no power to change. It is outside of your control.

Conspiracies erode your personal power and incapacitates you. They are born out of lies, rumors, hidden agendas, and have the ability to manipulate you emotionally and incapacitate you on every level.


Don’t bother with conspiracy theories you find on social media platforms. Ask questions; who benefits from the conspiracy theory. Is a manipulation? What is the agenda? Finally, conspiracy theories have nothing to do with you or your ability to change anything.

Positive Action:

If you feel the need to create a change go and join reputable organizations that bring awareness and action against wrongdoing. Organizations that support people, and want to look after the planet. Organizations where you can make a difference, community based or international, and above all where you feel self empowered.


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Matthew is a full time Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has been since 1986. He is fully trained in all aspects of Professional Clinical Hypnosis and is bound by various professional codes of ethics. Professional member of the ASCH.
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