The problem with affirmations

There are a lot of books and courses on affirmations and creating one’s reality.  All stating that “your thoughts are creative”.  Therefore all your thoughts are affirmations which you then hold in your consciousness, to create a new desired reality.

Some books point to us being able to bend the universe to our will. The trouble with this is that the universe is infinitely big. I mean really big. Wiki states that  “It is estimated that the diameter of the observable universe is about 28 gigaparsecs   (93 billion light-years across).  Whilst humanity is really really small.  A micro atom in size comparison. Yet some have the audacity to say that we can bend the universe to our thinking.

The assumption that your thoughts create your reality is a distortion of your mind. It is true that what you focus upon fills your awareness (thoughts), and seems infinitely big. Obsessive thoughts, negative thoughts, single minded thoughts can consume one completely, but has zero effect on the known universe. The mind cannot think outside of itself.

All your mind can do is think thoughts, build internal maps of reality, imagine,…Etc.  I can imagine a nice cup of tea, but no internal willing, focus or imagination will manifest it as if by magic, on the table in front of me.

You are aware of your thoughts and imaginings; however, your thoughts and imaginings are not aware of you. They are mental constructs, nothing more, nothing less.

The mind wants to be King! But has little regard to that (you) part of you that is not mind. Remember I pointed out that you are aware of your thoughts and imaginings; however, your thoughts and imaginings are not aware of you. There is a huge part of you that is not of mind, not a mental construct. The watcher part of you watching you. Your inner knowing, your inner being; being.

Society has placed so much emphasis on the mind and mental intelligence (I.Q), that it lost all regard to anything else. We might as well be machine like androids, just logical intelligence, and as such, we risk losing our cohesiveness as a society and our humanity.

So here it is; Your thoughts are directive, not creative. (Not in the sense that new age philosophers make it out to be). Your thoughts direct awareness. Allows your awareness to focus like a magnifying lens onto whatever you are internally sorting out, or/and externally working through.

Einstein would do everything possible to distract his mind in order to find solutions to his physics problems. In other words, throw the mind off balance. He would do this particularly when he got stuck in an equation. He simply went to the piano or violin and played for hours. Very much like meditation and prayer beads do. It gets the mind out of the way.

So affirmations direct awareness on what you want to create in the world, both internally and hopefully, externally. The mind however is the great saboteur and most people’s affirmations are so extremely complicated that the only solution is to work on even more affirmations to fix the earlier ones, thus the minds vice like grip won’t let you go, nor get anywhere.

The sequence is usually:

  1. Negative thoughts. You have to eliminate blocks to your affirmations, such as negativity and negative thoughts. This should keep you busy for about two hundred years. If you say “I release all negativity and negative thoughts” you put in place an internal tension worrying about trying not to be negative, being all love and light, and then when you do get angry, or negative, you feel that you have failed in some way or that you are not good enough. The trap here is that your mind keeps generating negative thoughts for you to release. An eternal mind trap.
  1. You must believe and have faith. Beliefs and faith are just a bunch of thoughts nothing more nothing less. I believe the world is flat! Does not make it so. I believe my work colleague is evil! Does not mean that it is real.  Beliefs can only be held in the realm of the mind. Nowhere else and as such, are mental constructs. Another eternal mind trap.
  1. You must write your affirmation many times or do a vision board. This will keep you busy. The mind thinks it can bend the universe to your will. Keep writing…… (as it cracks a mental whip).

Your mind will do anything to be king and to keep you tied up in complicated processes in the hope you do not see that what you are doing is futile. In fact the mind will create many steps, levels, processes, and conditions that are impossible to complete.

So what good are affirmations? Affirmations are very good at directing awareness, creating focus and inner change to what you want to achieve,  or to focus more clearly and precisely on where you want to be.  Building the internal map. The map is not the territory.

People; however have very poor focusing ability, poor maps and limited skills in relaxing the minds vice like grip.

My Hypnotherapy can help you process affirmations, develop better focus and take the next step to generating what you want. The next step does not require your mind. Your mind will think of reasons not to do this. It wants to be king. So take a chance. Contact me.

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Doorway to harnessing your dreams and the creative imagination.

Have you ever had the feeling that you could fly? Or that you were invincible? Or that you were chased by an assailant? Chances are your answer is yes! That’s because all this action takes place in the arena of your mind, an area of consciousness we call dreams.

We all dream. There are no exceptions. Some brain researchers investigating dream/sleep phenomena, have deliberately deprived themselves of sleep, entering a state they call “askew dreaming” (hallucination) to see what happens. They report they experience psychotic experiences, hear voices, wield objects and sense all their irrational fears and phobias as they arise.

The mind is fascinating because it is so multi-dimensional and multi-directional. Our creative/visual/spatial perception (the imagination) transcends time and space and is an important tool in creating our reality. Many people do not know how to harness the power of dreams, nor the imagination in designing their reality in the real world. Dreams and your creative imagination open a doorway to personal power and creating your reality, and hypnosis is the key to that door.

Our imagination (day dreaming) and sleep-dreaming, and personal power are linked in a number of ways.

“Creative visualization and dreams” occur at the Alpha brain wave level, that is at 7 – 14 brain cycles per second. When we day dream we allow our most creative resources to flow; we have a conscious perception and control over our imagery (more right brain function).

Children up to puberty are predominantly in an alpha brain wave state most of the time (an eternal “now” time frame), which is why they instantly forget what you tell them. It also explains why when you try to reason (left brain) with a child, it usually goes in one ear and out the other.

Part of Shamanistic training is with the Alpha dream state in order to open the doors to inner dimensions. The Australian Aborigine triggers his dream state while listening to cicadas and/or crickets because the noise these tiny insects make oscillates between Theta and Alpha cycles (hence the “Dream Time”). More research into this area of brain/Alpha/dream creative states, needs to be explored to fully understand the creative powers we all have access to.

Dreaming occurs at all levels of brain activity. When we sleep our body rests and we dream. In Theta dream states the Brain oscillates at 4-7 cycles and we have a sense of merging with our deeper mind. This can be accessed and observed when a person is put into deep hypnotic trance. That is the state at which we can observe a loss of all logic and time orientation; when somnambulism and all suggestions and visualizations, no matter how bizarre, are accepted as real. It is in this state that psychic phenomena can take place. Future research may show this to be the brain level of precognition – dreaming of future events.

The brain level of Delta has a brain oscillation of 1 – 4 cycles. We know little about it except that Delta is a mysterious place equated with Zen states of meditation. Staying conscious at this level takes years of practice to achieve and is nearly impossible to research. Some mystics have claimed that in this state they have experienced a connection with what Jung called the collective unconscious, some even eluding to that state of all knowing.

To date we know for sure that during sleep and during dreams, we go through all of the brain wave levels and that our dreams, are at a deeply unconscious level. Some mystics have suggested that awake consciousness (the normal awakened state) is after all only a different level of dreaming. During meditation it is possible to choose the dream state we wish to experience by imagining an ideal setting and then drifting off to sleep with that in mind. Or, when we have nightmares and we wake up in a cold sweat, it is possible to imagine a happy outcome where we win, not lose, thus diffusing the power of the nightmare and giving our subconscious minds a positive message, rather than a negative one.

Getting into the flow, creating change, bending reality where everything turns around and works for you is only a hypnotic session away.  My hypnotherapy process starts your journey towards all this. Personal power, being in the flow and so much more! …. Peace.

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Fire-walking conquering the shadow self

Let me share with you my first fire waIking experience. That I did in 1987 I hope It encourages you to push your boundaries to new limits.

As I sat in the seminar room looking out into the night, my mind a blur, my eyes focused on the ten metre wall of heat and flames which roared from the fire pit, I wonder how I will face that deep primal fear of burning which all living creatures share.

Like the Tao, There I was looking into life’s mirror, face to face with the self of myself, and like the phoenix ready to dive deep into the ashes of fate only to rise again in a purified and transformed state of being. The fire, a glowing pile of embers and crackling wood is raked into a bed about 5 meters in length. I also note that the fire-bed is around half a meter deep, the walls on either side have been purposely raked higher to contain the heat. (One of the secrets of fire walking is that the fire bed, that part you walk on, is kept at around 1600 to 1800 degrees in heat.)

I soon learn that there are no special creams to protect my feet, no secret ways to scamper across the burning coals and not burn. The fire Master says: “Fire is an energy, and fire walking is REAL. You do it, or you don’t, there is no changing your mind half way across.”

The walk is, of course, optional. The knowledge contained in the five hour seminar which precedes the fire walk, we are told can be applied in daily life, the proof that this knowledge works is tested on the burning coals.

The seminar over, the time has come, and “trial by fire” enters my mind as I look into the flickering red and white hot coals. I feel mortal, sober and vulnerable. The other participants, teenagers and adults of both sexes, including two very courageous 7 and 12 year olds, support each walker as he/she confronts the fire pit by chanting.

The fire master of course goes first to cheers claps ans awe from us all. He makes it seem so easy. I approach the fire. I feel a lump of lead in my stomach and fear courses through my body. We are told that we can walk when we are ready. I feel ready. But as I stand there, the heat is too intense, so I back away, shaken.

Then I approach again and my father’s words from childhood echo in my mind: “if your friends jumped into a fire, would you?” And a wrestling match begins with my inner self and my sense of survival, with my fear of pain and my dark side.This confrontation with my shadow self is terrible. My feet feel like lead and my body like jelly. I know I have to ground myself fast, so I jump up and down placing each foot firmly on the ground like a Sumo wrestler.

Resolved, committed, with purpose and a strong sense of self, I focus beyond the fire pit and finally… walk.

It is hard to explain what happens in those minutes on the coals. The weight of my body crunches into them. The feeling of tons of past guilt and fear lifts from me, and a feeling of intoxicating excitement and happiness floods through me as I make it to the other side. I don’t burn nor blister and deep inside me I sense I have won that inner battle, conquered my shadow self and I feel renewed. The phoenix has risen.

This euphoria stays with me for months and slowly changed into an inner knowing. My work triples, life takes on more worth, my relationships improve, I expand my boundaries, which opens up new doorways I never knew existed.

Since that first fire walk, I have walked on fire many times and each one empowers me more. It’s an exercise in trust and memory now, because it reminds me that I am truly limitless. I have passed my rite of passage.

Many cultures have a rite of passage a shamanistic way of integration into maturity. Sadly we have none, Did the ancients know something that we have long forgotten? I think so, and thanks to practices such as fire walking we can tap that deep inner need in our psyche that urge to achieve, integrate and belong.

There are many ways to conquer your shadow self. Fire walking, meditation, hypnotherapy just to name a few. May you find what is right for you on your path….. Peace.

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Beyond Self Help Gurus

I have many friends that are stuck in self help programs, in fact, they are “course” junkies. Avoiding the process of living a flow-free life, they analyze every action they do, every thought they think and every movement they make. This has trapped them in not being real, trading in one set of beliefs and values for another set, and in so doing, avoiding reality and life in general. In all of this, spontaneity and living life to the full are lost altogether, along with any type of real personal discovery and spiritual/personal growth.

Some of my friends now have new-born babies and they project onto their behavior, a trauma or psychological game that simply isn’t there. Some have even given birth to babies in water to minimize birth trauma, only to project whole histories from both parents onto the new being, simply because both parents haven’t let their histories go. How could they, they keep analyzing and re-living them in their ever present behavior.

I actually saw this in action when a friend’s baby started crying and the father stated categorically and with deep emotional conviction that his child of four months of age was playing games to get the mother’s attention, and in the process was rejecting him just as his mother had done. He asked me in all sincerity if I could do therapy on his baby to offset this “problem”! Naturally I refused. It never occurred to him that his baby might simply be hungry and want some milk. His focus had totally turned within and although some introspection is healthy, being full-on all the time can lead to some very neurotic behavior. with a tendency to escape from life’s realities.

We all project our inner realities onto the world around us to some degree, yet my friend, the self help course junky, had his mind totally stuck in the art of processing all his old past traumas without letting any of them go or to allow any integration and healing to take place. He then projected these negative traumas unconsciously onto the world to the nth degree.

He is always working them out, never letting them go and in so doing will never be able to go beyond them. Funnily enough the whole purpose of personal growth is in achieving just that; to go beyond the negative traumas and debilitating patterns that block us from leading fulfilling lives, by forgiving, learning and integrating them.

It is interesting to note that my friend, before he went to personal growth courses, was pretty much okay. So we have to ask ourselves the question what went wrong?

The answer lies in the simple paradox that many self help gurus need followers just as badly as the followers need the gurus. And no-one is willing to surpass his or her guru. So the guru is given God status which we as simple mortals can never go beyond.

But what is a false self help guru?

Any man or woman can instantly package a personal growth program, do a short course and just through the sheer power of advertising make it as a self help, self published guru, peddling the latest fad, complete with a perfect smile and an aura of “look how good I am and look how you’re not”. Consumer beware applies even more so in this area.

But what is a true guru? I feel that this is anyone in a role of guide, teacher, therapist, shaman and/or healer who points the way, helps you integrate your life’s experience and refuses to play Guru.

Books give us knowledge but experience gives us wisdom. It is sad to see so many text-book self help experts who teach, run courses, point the way yet haven’t experienced anything profound themselves, and what is profound for them may not be profound for you

A true self help person is any person that leads you back to yourself, lives in the real world. He/She lets you discover through experience rather than gives you answers. So let life and experience be your teachers while getting a little help from friends along the way.

My hypnotherapy can do just that, bringing the best of you forward, a gentle discovery towards your own evolution…Peace

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Socially Acceptable Predators

We often think of predators, hiding in the dark shadows, lurking silently and striking in the night; unsavory low lives.  However, in our society predators use the invisibility of openness, trust, technology and social skills to bait their victims to satiate their hidden desires.  They place themselves in trusted and honored positions, like a spider weaving a web in the right place to gain the best possible advantage.

However, what constitutes socially acceptable predators that are just as evil, and dark, yet has everyone’s approval, and when victims fall, we totally and outright blame the victim, and worse still, the chorus of society does the same.

The predators I am writing about are Gambling, Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking. I have to add to this list, computer games desensitizing and teaching our young to accept extreme violence, war and the personal violation and torture of others as okay. At a time when young  brains are still wiring behavior and social skills.

But now the new twist:  As reported in the ABC news website; quote  “Gamers are using Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) — a hugely successful first person shooter game — to bet on virtual weapons that have real world value”. End quote.  They purchase, skins (akin to chips in a casino) with real money, and as the ABC reports: Quote; “It takes just seconds to set up a gambling account for Counter-Strike players, there is no age limit on the gambling website” end quote. It effectively and skilfully bypasses international gambling law and encourages and trains our young to gamble.

The skins are transferable in that they can use them to bet on anything. By linking and entwining gambling to online games covertly, and aimed to appeal to video gamers of all ages is in my opinion, preditorial.  Predatory behavior is any behavior that covertly destroys, diminishes or harms. The people behind this type of predatory behavior lurk with complete anonymity with their tendrils running deep into the lives of many.

The preditorial links that destroys, diminishes or harms you or your friends.

  • Drugs are linked to youth rebellion and a rite of passage into adulthood
  • Alcohol is linked to seduction, and a rite of passage into adulthood
  • Gambling is linked to alcohol drugs and on line video games
  • All aimed at children, teenagers and young adults.
  • All destructive and corrosive in behavioural outcomes.

My Hypnotherapy program is effective and powerful in rescuing you, or those you know in the grip of socially acceptable predators, allowing you to build the strength and dignity, to empower and create a successful life.  …..Peace

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Training your super self

Did you know that your brain (as remarkable that it is) is fundamentally lazy.  It has to be. We call it the conservation of energy. Your brain maps a room that you walk into, but does not have to re-map that room every time you enter it!  Example. You are in a hurry, but can’t find your keys; you look everywhere, and then give up only finding them right under your nose.   Were they invisible? Hidden by gremlins?  The answer is No.

You simply were using an old internal map.  This is because of the brains ability to conserve energy. Let’s face it if you had to re-learn every room in your house every day, then nothing else could ever get done!

We all rely on internal maps for everything.  When a map is used every day such as how to drive a car, then this becomes hard wired, automatic.  But even automatic behavior can lead us into minor sticky situations. When you always take that wrong turn home when driving. Or when you drive to a place you have not been for a while only to find they have changed the roads or shops, and when this happens, your stress levels go up, you hit high confusion. The new territory does not fit the old map.  Solution: Your brain has to re-map the area.  Then you relax.

Another example is the dreaded windows operating system! Where you basically have to re-learn each and every upgrade and have to re-map the new system, and even so, you can’t help but try to use the old map.

The key to being a super self is knowing when to rely on old maps (remembered) and when to switch the brain into (learning) mode where you need conscious observation to take place.

This is where my Hypnotherapy shines the brightest.  You could consciously make the switch from remembered to learning, but that’s a whole lot of complicated internal switching! (Your brain will give up).

What I do is train your subconscious mind to do the observing and to alert your conscious mind to any change if needed). Your subconscious observes everything so we use this natural resource to create all the right connections and bridges within, so you become a super self.

You are not normally trained to utilize your subconscious mind, and it is an area that is immensely under resourced by mostly everybody.  Your subconscious mid does a whole lot more than you realize.  Subconscious observation and super self-training awaits your discovery.

“Come Watson – The game is afoot “     Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes

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Your life’s mission

Ever wonder what your mission in life is?

Q. What you are here for?

I know we all function better by setting goals and achieving, but what are you truly here (on planet Earth) to do? Hypnotherapy can help you focus in on your goals, on what makes you feel content, valuable and above all, worthwhile.  However one way to find your mission in like is rather simple.

A. You’re here to make the world a better place.

Some people do care work, while others look after animal welfare or human rights, looking after nature, nurturing the planet back to health from the negative global impact of the human race.  Slowing down humanities love affair with seeing the earth as a use “once only” commodity to be recklessly destroyed, thrown away, used up, rather than a place we live.

The amount of tree destruction, animal & plant extinction rates are staggering.  not to mention the great oceanic garbage patches and global warming.

So not to be too gloomy, what is your mission? How can you as an individual, make the earth a better more environmentally safe place to live?

As most people are caught up with debt, raising a family or simply surviving, the task may seem too big, too ominous and beyond our humble abilities.  But that’s not entirely true, nor is fixing the problem simply the ability to throw money at it so it becomes somebody Else’s  problem.

I took a stroll on the beach watching the seagulls, feeling the beautiful golden sand under feet, and picked up about two garbage bags of rubbish destined for our ocean deep – destined to kill the environment. It was not a task, just a mindful meditation.  I still enjoyed my walk, enjoyed nature, but chose to respect the environment. Respect the Earth. The place where we all live.

Yes I lobby,  I try to do my bit, but  it now has to be a global effort. I think we all must take a stand and respect the planet we are forever bonded to. There was once even  talk of mining the Moon, but the public outcry stopped this from happening, at least for a short time.  It seems greed has no conscience or ceiling.

Start being active today, (a small step at a time) not only will your life be better for it, (health wise) so will those generations still to come. Peace……………….

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